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Just what is a "diaper-view"? It's an interview with a cloth diapering parent or expert, that's what. Check out these informative diaper-views. Interested in sharing your diaper-view? click here.

  • Diaper-Views from Moms like You! ~ Ten moms share exactly what motivates them to cloth diaper their little ones and how simple it is keep their baby's diapers clean.

  • Ann Snider began her cloth diapering journey more than a decade ago and is still going strong. Find out what has motivated her to cloth diaper for so long in this month's Diaper-view!

  • April has been diapering her son since birth (19 months)

  • BabyBliss StorkNet member, has been been diapering her third child for 3 months and will never go back to disposables.

  • JanB, StorkNet member and moderator, has been cloth diapering both of her children since their cord stumps fell off.

  • Kelly has been cloth diapering her first child for 5 months and loves it!

  • Lorraine has been cloth diapering for 8 years and 4 children

  • SusanH, StorkNet member and moderator, began cloth diapering her daughter at one year of age and hasn't looked back.

  • Tammy StorkNet member, has cloth diapered her two daughters

  • Sharon Spears has cloth diapered her three babies until they were 6 months old.

  • Shawna has cloth diapered 8 of her 9 children in 23 years

  • Shelley is cloth diapering her two daughters.

  • Stacy Jones Tolentino, publisher of RealDiapers

  • Theresa Rodriguez Farrisi, author of Diaper Changes: The Complete Diapering Book and Resource Guide

  • Amber has been cloth diapering for two years

  • Menstrual-Views: Your Baby's in Cloth But What About You? ~ Are you using disposable menstrual pads during your monthly cycle? The three women in this feature don't. Find out why!

Interested in sharing your diaper-view? Click here

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