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     º 4 Simple Ways to Live a Happy Life
Did you know that it is your Divine Birthright to have an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness? All things were created to bring you immense happiness and joy. If you struggle with feeling joyful or having peace, here are ways that can help you have more happiness within to enjoy the bounty of life as you were meant to from author Carol Whitaker.
     º Turning a Bunk Bed into a Monster-Free Fort
Keeping the monsters away at night can be a tricky proposition for parents. Thankfully, there are some ways that parents can make their job easier and decorate their child's bunk bed at the same time. Here are some ideas that are monster-proof and kid-approved.

Featured Articles
     º Getting it All Together Again!
January is Life Balance Month--a month dedicated to helping moms recognize imbalance and find ways to implement, secure and maintain balance in their daily worlds. Let us help you make 2015 a much more balanced year.
     º Stop Resisting Your Life and Embrace ALL of Your Life
New Year's is a time to embrace the whole of life and all that has happened, both what we love and what we would rather run away from. This year, for all events that have come about from bad luck and tough circumstances, here are three ways to wake up to yourself and embrace your whole life.
     º Exercises to Get You and Your Kids Awake in the Morning by Tracey Mallett
How do you get ready for an energetic day with the kids? Try these fun tips, stretches and exercises with your little ones to stimulate the nervous system and open the many channels of the body. You'll love it and so will your kids!

Projects of the Month
     º How to Make a Winter Crafts Snow Globe
Snow globes are great for any occasion or holiday, simply by changing what you use to create your scene. Just let your imagination run wild! Once you have an event or theme in mind, it's easy to gather together the elements for a really unique custom made creation.
     º No-Sew Fleece Blankets
If you like the snuggies and fleece blankets on the market these days but want to make your own without sewing a thing, try out our directions for these easy no-sew fleece blankets. You'll love them!

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