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Creating a Ballet Studio Bedroom
by Jessica Ackerman

If your daughter is a budding ballerina, chances are that a ballet theme bedroom will be a sure fire hit. Transforming a bedroom into a ballet studio can be slightly intimidating, however, without proper planning and a weekend to do the remodel. If you want to surprise your daughter with a dream ballet bedroom, the tips below will keep you on your toes and help guide you in the remodel.

Ballet Studio Basics
Ballet studios are, generally, very sparsely furnished. This makes redecorating a bit easier, because the normal worries about what accessories to put on the walls are limited. A wall of mirrors and ballet barre are essentials for a ballerina room, so your first task is to measure the length and width of the wall where the floor to ceiling mirrors will be placed. This is usually the longest wall in the room. The ballet barre will also be placed on this wall, so be sure to measure how long the barre will need to be. Flooring is typically hardwood or laminate. If this type of flooring is not already installed, decide whether the whole room will be re-floored or if only the area beside the barre and mirrors.

Getting Started
After the measurements have been taken, the decisions about where the mirror and barre will be placed have been made and the floor covering options discussed, it is time to begin work. Start by giving the room a fresh, new coat of paint. Pale pink or cream walls are good options for the look of a ballet studio. Once the walls have been painted, rip up the carpeting, if there is any, and install the new laminate flooring. Follow the manufacturer's directions for proper installation. Many companies have help lines that can be called if problems arise, so make use of this resource as needed. Once the walls are painted and the new flooring is in, it is time to add the mirrors and barre.

Hanging the Mirrors and Barre
Mirrors can be hung using heavy-duty mirror adhesive that is applied to the back of the mirror itself. This is a good option if the mirrors will remain in the room for many, many years and you do not want to worry about them slipping on the walls. Another option is to hang them with mirror brackets. Normally, mirror brackets slip into the corners and along the sides of the mirror and then are mounted onto the wall. This is a good option for mirrors that may someday be removed. When hanging the mirrors, keep in mind where the barre brackets will be placed. Depending on the size of the barre, there will be anywhere from three to five brackets that will be used to hold it in place. Measure out the bracket placement and mark that on the wall. The mirror can either be professionally cut to accommodate the bracket, or the mirrors can have a small gap between them where the bracket is mounted on the wall. The most important thing to do is to make sure that everything is firmly anchored and attached to the wall.

After the mirrors and barre have been hung, decorate the rest of the bedroom with ballet theme accessories and bedding. If the girl is older, a simplistic and refined look is more appropriate than a room filled to the brim with ballet paraphernalia. Simple bedding that matches the walls is always appropriate, as are curtains in solid colors. Track lighting above the mirror and barre are a nice touch and may make your budding ballerina feel like she is really in a ballet studio.

About the Author:
Targeting "do it yourselfers," Jessica Ackerman writes regularly for, offering simple illustrations of music wall decor and tropical wall hangings.

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