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Turning a Bunk Bed into a Monster-Free Fort
by Jessica Ackerman

Keeping the monsters away at night can be a tricky proposition for parents. Not knowing when or where they may pop up, makes monster eradication a challenging task. Thankfully, there are some ways that parents can make their job easier and decorate their child's bunk bed at the same time. The ideas below are monster-proof and kid-approved.

Dust Ruffle Barrier
After thoroughly cleaning out under the bed, hang a dust ruffle along the lower bunk. Make sure that your child helps you clean out underneath during the day, so he can see that there are no monsters. Make sure that the dust ruffle is long enough to touch the floor, so that monsters cannot slip under. Once the dust ruffle is in place, spray it with monster-repellent. Monster-repellant can be made by filling a small spray bottle with water, dropping in a quarter-teaspoon of glitter and two drops of vanilla, shake well and spray the dust ruffle liberally with the concoction. The dust ruffle will help keep monsters at bay and also hide toys, shoes and anything else that might actually be under the bed.

Lower Bunk Fort
It is much easier to create a fort from the lower bunk, because it already has a built in ceiling. There are a couple different ways to create a fort. One way is to stick heavy-duty sticky velcro adhesive to the outside edge of the frame that supports the top bunk mattress; hang a handmade curtain with the matching Velcro adhesive along the frame. This will create an instant fort that can be removed, laundered and re-hung. It also allows for variation as the seasons change or the child's interests change, from cars to planes to his favorite movie characters. Another way to create a fort for the lower bunk is to simply drape flat sheets over the rail of the top bunk. This method requires no sewing, but it does require that the brother on the top bunk is willing to leave the sheets in place.

Top Bunk Fort Creating a top bunk fort is more challenging. A curtain track can be mounted on the ceiling above the bed and can hold a curtain that has been turned on its side to create a fort like atmosphere when fully extended around the bed. If the curtains are long enough, they can actually provide material for both the top and bottom bunks. Another idea for the top bunk is to purchase a bed tent. These pre-made coverings come in a variety of styles and are usually made to fit standard twin beds. Since the bed is high up from the floor, it is probably not wise to purchase a tent that will require the child to crawl in from the side. An end-opening tent, or a tent that is not completely closed is the best option.

Turning a bunk bed into a monster-free fort is more about creating a sense of safety and security than it is about decorating. However, thanks to simple craft methods and pre-made products, your child's bunk bed and room can be designed to create a fashionable monster-free zone. With a little work and some creativity, sweet dreams will reign once more.

About the Author:
Artist/Designer, Jessica Ackerman, writes for and offers aspiring home designers the opportunity to decorate with musical notes wall art or wall decor.

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