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Decorating with Your Child's Artwork
by Alyssa Davis

Your children bring home a lot of papers and artwork from school. Combine that with the multitude of drawings and paintings that they do at home in their spare time, and you may find that you are overrun with artwork. Instead of throwing it away or placing it in a pile that is soon to be forgotten, use your child's artwork to decorate your home. The ideas below will help get you started.

Frame It Up
The easiest way to showcase your daughter's colorful watercolor painting is to frame it in an inexpensive dollar store frame and hang it on the wall. Create a row of pictures frames across one wall of the living room and feature just your children's artwork. They can select which ones they would like to display and change them out with every season or as a new favorite comes home. Do not limit the frames to just the living room, however. Guest bathrooms, children's bathrooms, the hallway, the kitchen and playrooms are also great locations for framed artwork by children. Try to coordinate the pieces based on the colors in the painting and the existing colors in the room. This will help to make the look more cohesive. You can also display the frames on side tables, foyer tables or on windowsills.

The Fridge
The refrigerator is the traditional home for children's artwork. Refrigerators have seen more of their fair share of paintings, drawings and colorings than any other surface of your home. While it may seem cliché to hang your child's artwork there, do not be afraid to make ample use of the refrigerator doors. They are truly the best place to hang little drawings and colorful paintings.

Under Glass
Place a piece of Plexiglas or real glass over your coffee table surface. Between the table and the glass, slide in samples of your child's artwork to put on display. This is especially good for long sheets of paper that will not fit in traditional frames. Secure the glass to the table with small table hooks so that it does not slide off.

Digitize It
In the world of digital photography, one great way to make the memories of your child's artwork last is to capture it digitally. Take a picture with your digital camera of each piece of artwork and upload it to a digital picture frame. Set the frame to create a slide show of the pictures and before you know it, you will be able to see all the artwork that your child has created over time. You can even have a frame specifically reserved to showcase your child's work. Not only will they love seeing their artwork in the frame, but it will be a great keepsake for years to come.

Decorating with your child's artwork does not have to be involved and expensive. By doing simple things to display and honor your child's efforts, you validate their work and their talents. Another benefit to using their paintings and drawings in your room's decor, is that it cuts down dramatically on the need to purchase new artwork for each season.

About the Author:
Alyssa Davis writes and designs for and she is happy to share many ideas on creating stylish interiors with outdoor metal wall artwork and bicycle metal wall art.

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