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Grab a Little Mom TLC for the Holidays!

Moms are always busy, but there are certain times of year that are crazier than others, and now is one of those times. A frenzied mom schedule can lead to all kinds of things--none of them good! Fatigue, moodiness, illness and injury can all result from a lack of positive downtime. Crashing on the couch practically comatose from a to-do list a mile long does NOT count! Moms need to schedule in a little time for themselves this holiday season, to renew their spirit, re-energize their mom power and recharge their internal batteries.

Re-energize after a long day by becoming one with your iPod, stereo, or karaoke machine and shaking off the frustrations of the day. Music really has a way of soothing the soul. So, crank the tunes and get your groove on. Invite the family to join in for some added laughs.

Exercise is a fun and healthful way to relieve stress. Join a gym, pop in a favorite (at least tolerable) workout DVD, or join an exercise class with other women/moms for a little camaraderie. It's more fun when you sweat with someone else - especially other women who understand and will not pass judgment on your habitual tardiness, showing up for class with two mismatched shoes, and the mom stains on your workout attire.

Carrots make excellent tools for enticement - just ask Bugs Bunny! Find your carrot and schedule it for after the holiday hustle and bustle is over. Consider it a reward for all of your hard work and dedication. A little award for 'The Mom' because she always makes it all work. Oh, and think BIG - you deserve it! (HINT: weekend away, a favorite piece of jewelry, a class you've wanted to take for yourself etc.)

Hire a massage therapist for at least an hour. Yeah, there are shorter sessions, but it'll take at least an hour to seriously work out those kinks. If you're feeling a little adventurous try a hot stones massage or a reflexology session. You'll feel like a new mom in no time! Got a tight budget? Call around for student massage therapists who are willing to do it for less or free.

Arrange to get out of the house for a day/evening alone! Heck, why not try for the whole day! It's the holiday season and there's nothing worse than trying to shop for the family while they're with you! (You've become a pro at shopping cart camouflage, but it's okay to take a little reprieve - if you can.) Since it's your day, use it to do anything you want - don't feel obligated to accomplish the things you never have time to do for the family - unless you choose to.

Reconnect with friends and family members this holiday season. It's so easy to let life get in the way of relationships. Individuals with meaningful relationships tend to be less stressed and live longer than those without them. Get a group of girlfriends together for dessert and a movie, or plan a shopping date and dinner. It's such a stress-buster to be able to vent and let it go. Who best to vent to than friends who can relate, offer advice and most importantly - not judge.

Get dad (or some other responsible adult or babysitter) to man the fort for an evening while you manicure and pedicure yourself after a long bath/shower - complete with candles, soft music and a book of your choice. Suggest an evening out for dad and kids if your home isn't large enough to seriously relax with the crew on premises. A relaxing evening on your own turf is the perfect way to soothe a tired soul. (Step away from the laundry, cleaning, or dishes - no chores allowed!)

Evaluate how you can carve out a little 'mom time' each day of the upcoming year. Guaranteed, you will feel better, be healthier, better rested, and more capable than you already are - if you take a little bit to time for yourself each and every day. Schedule your 'mom' time before you add the family events to the calendar. You probably never break scheduled dates - make one with yourself first and be vigilant in keeping it.

There is only one you! Do what you must to keep you firing all cylinders. You deserve it!

Happy Holidays!

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