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Adding Pint Sized Storage in a Child's Room
by Alyssa Davis

Organizing a child's room can be a daunting task. There are toys with small pieces, odd-shaped toys, large toys and toys that seem destined not to fit properly on any shelf ever built. As a parent or designer, it is important to remember that no matter what storage is added to a child's room, it must be kid-friendly and kid-safe.

Pint Sized Pieces
Having storage that is scaled to kid-friendly sizes will allow children to help maintain their rooms. Bookshelves, rolling drawers, shelves and baskets should all be according to the child's height and easy accessible. The easier a child can get at the storage the easier it will be for him to clean up. Remember to anchor securely all storage items and furniture to the wall to prevent them from tipping over.

Start Small
Small organizers are the easiest place to start. Baskets, either wicker or fabric, can be used to hold small books, action figures or dolls. Clear plastic shoebox size boxes are handy for keeping a lid on toy cars, play food and stacking blocks. Durable zippered pouches work well to hold tokens, cards, crayons and pencils. Label each bag, basket or box clearly with the contents so the child will be able to put things back where they belong. If reading is a skill not yet learned, tape a picture of the item inside on each container.

Book Overload
Children seem never to tire of having books read to them. A small, two-shelf bookshelf is the perfect size for pint sized readers. After securing the bookshelf tightly to the wall, organize the books without packing them too tightly. If the shelves are too full with books it will make replacing them more difficult for the child. Odd-shaped, extra-large or tiny books do well in a basket beside the bookshelf.

Kid-Sized Coat Hooks
Hoodies, coats and bags can wind up in a messy heap on the floor without proper storage options. Add a hanging coat rack to the back of the room's door or on the wall, but place it at a child's level. The child will be able to easily hang-up coats and retrieve book bags at a moment's notice. Coat hooks can also be used to store belts, necklaces, scarves and other accessories as the child gets older.

Check Under the Bed
Under-the-bed storage is a perfect solution for children's rooms, because it is out of sight. Long, plastic lidded tubs designed specifically for under the bed work best. Store out-of-season clothing, dress-up gowns and accessories or bulky sweaters.

Roll Away
Roll away the mess by investing in colorful, plastic stacking drawers. They are durable and, typically, easy for children to reach since they are only two or three drawers high. Be sure to label the drawers with their contents, whether it be pajamas or puzzles, so children know where to put things when they are through.

Finding storage that fits the needs of the room and the child may take some time, but carefully choosing pieces that work well are easily accessible and that look good in the room is worth the effort. Helping a child learn how to organize and care for his possessions is a great gift and one that can be aided with the help of a few key storage methods. Experiment with different ideas and think outside the box to find the perfect pint sized storage pieces.

About the Author:
Alyssa Davis is a staff writer and specialist in designing interiors with wall art and decor and tropical fish wall decor for

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