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Remembering the "Thanks" in Thanksgiving

November is the time of year when family and friends gather to break bread together to give thanks for the people, places and things that have impacted their lives over the past year. It is a time for acknowledgement.

It's so easy to take things for granted. So often life gets in the ways and it hampers the ability to see all of the blessings that are present each day. Given the opportunity most people would change jobs/careers or opt not to work, but look at the opportunities employment presents. Have you given thought to giving thanks for being able to go home in the evenings and lock the door to your dwelling? Think of how many homeless people there are walking the streets each day. Despite the aches and pains, bumps and bruises and traditional illness that abound, how about giving thanks for your overall good health. THAT is one thing that so many take for granted, being able to see hear, move, and speak as capably as is possible.

What about family? Despite the daily pressures, hectic schedules, constant planning and overall chaos isn't it safe to say that almost all that is done is for the care, comfort, and happiness of families and loved ones? Take the time to be demonstrative in affections and give verbal thanks to everyone who has made an impact. Why leave it to chance? Often feelings and thoughts go unsaid until it is too late to give them voice. Don't wait.

No matter what life has tossed out this last year, a little thought will uncover something, someone, or someplace to be thankful for. Remember and give thanks to those who have made sacrifices for others to have what they have, and try to give something back to those less fortunate, so that everyone has the ability to know and show gratitude. It's a great lesson to instill in the minds and hearts of the members of the younger generation. Everyone likes to know that they are appreciated - even those who would never admit it.


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