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  º Declining fertility with age--Not just a female issue
While the increased risks of infertility and birth defects are known in older women, the increase in male infertility caused by age-related factors is not well known. Learn what recent studies have discovered about the aging male reproductive tract and sperm quality. [Click Here]

  º New Year's Resolutions for the Infertile Girl
It's a new year with new hopes, but it's also time to put yourself first. Here are four resolutions to help you get through the year mentally and physically healthy. After all, you deserve it! [Click Here]

  º Costs of Adopting: A Fact Sheet for Families
This factsheet provides cost estimates for domestic and intercountry adoptions and includes information about adoption benefits, such as Federal tax credits, state tax credits, subsidies, and adoption loans and grants. [Click Here]

  º Contraceptive Skin Patch Reviews
If you have used the new contraceptive skin patch, let us know how you liked and didn't like about it. Did it work? Would you use it again? StorkNet members share their experiences. Click Here]


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  º Best Time of Day for Intercourse When TTC
  º Best Positions for Trying to Conceive
  º Conception from Intercourse Prior to Ovulation

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  º Cervical mucus, sperm transport and clomid: getting the swimmers where they need to go!
Women on clomid have an increased prevalence of vaginal dryness, which can cause pain at intercourse and decrease enjoyment for the man (which can decrease sperm counts). To counteract the dryness, these women are using lubricants that can harm sperm. Between the clomid and the lubricants, a vaginal environment that limits sperm transport may be created. What can you do? [Click Here]


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