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Cryptograms! ~ Events at the Summer Olympics

All words and phrases are related to events/competitions at the Summer Olympic Games. To solve the puzzle, look carefully for words you recognize. For instance, single letters might be I's or A's. make a guess and then copy that letter through the puzzle. Look again for words that you recognize, guess what they might be, and then copy those letters through the puzzle. If you really need help, you can look at the solution.

Q B U X V U X A   W I J T Q V U X A V
Artistic Gymnastics V N R U P Q E E
Softball F X W F O M J S
High Jump L N E E G I P Q E E
Volleyball F G S U Q U F E N T
Heptathlon V H X J J X T W
Swimming K X V A M V U F B N H
Discus Throw B N H X T W
Rowing S N E G L Q M E U
Pole Vault P Q V G P Q E E
Baseball J Q B Q U F N T
Marathon P Q V Y G U P Q E E
Basketball P N C X T W
Boxing U G T T X V
Tennis G Z M G V U B X Q T
Equestrian U B X Q U F E N T
Triathlon H Q U G B S N E N
Water Polo K X L X T W


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