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Thanksgiving Windows Screensaver

To install this screensaver simply:

1) Click to download the executable installation file.
2) Save it on your desktop or in a folder.
3) Click on the saved file.
4) Follow the onscreen instructions.

How to Customize Your Screensaver

The Thanksgiving Screensaver installs automatically, and does not require any configuration. If, however, you WANT to customize your screensaver, simply:

1) Right click on your Windows Desktop, choose Properties, then Screensavers.
2) Select your Screensaver in the drop down menu.
3) Click on Settings.

From here you can change a wide variety of settings, including (but not limited to):

a) Whether the photos are stretched to the size of your screen (or remain in their original size)
b) How long each image remains on screen
c) What kind of transition effects you want between images

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