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Harry Potter Characters!

This is a big puzzle so click here to see it in doc format and print it out. Have fun!

Word List

AngelinaFilchLord VoldemortProf Trelawney
Aunt PetuniaFleur DelacourLunaRon
Barty CrouchFredLupinSeamus
BellatrixGeorgeMadEye MoodySirius Black
BillGinnyMrs NorrisStan Shunpike
CedricGoyleMrs WeasleyTom Riddle
Cho ChangHagridMr WeasleyTonks
CrabbeHarryNevilleUncle Vernon
DeanHermoinePercyViktor Krum
DobbyKatie BellProf Dumbledore 
Draco MalfoyKreacherProf McGonagall 
DudleyLee JordanProf Snape 


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