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Frugal Living & Freebies

Welcome to StorkNet's
Frugal Living & Freebies Cubby!

What's New
     º The Dollar Stretcher Blog: Family Food Crisis
I only have a little money to spend on food this month, about $80 for a family of four. What kind of meal suggestions can you give? Blogger Gary Foreman shares his tips for feeding a family of four on $80 a month.
     º How to Save $500 a Month
The recession is not over yet. Finances are still tight and many families are looking for ways to manage and cut down their household budgets. Chicagohealers.com wealth and asset specialist, Julie Murphy Casserly, brings her expert advice on how small changes with variable expenses such as groceries, food, clothing, shopping and entertainment can go a long way.

Featured Article
     º Seasonal Sales Shopping List by Sandy Shields
Been saving up for that 'something special'? Want to know when you will get the best deal? Are you curious to know when your favorite foods will be going on sale? Let this seasonal shopping guide help you make those strategic shopping decisions!

Hot Topic
     º Budgets
Do you use a budget or do you wing it every month? How important is a budget for your household? Let's discuss . . . Feel free to email us here.

And Don't Forget
     º Check out those baby freebies and freebies for multiples parents lists!
     º The Dollar Stretcher's Weekly Tips
If you enjoy The Dollar Stretcher, Gary Foreman, check out his weekly tips column right here on StorkNet! You'll find hundreds of ways to save money every day.



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