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Seasonal Sales Shopping List
by Sandy Shields
Been saving up for that 'something special'? Want to know when you will get the best deal? Are you curious to know when your favorite foods will be going on sale?

Let this seasonal shopping guide help you make those strategic shopping decisions!

. Post-Holiday Sales
. White Sale - Linens and Towels
. Sports Equipment for Weight-Loss
. Computers
. Turkey

. Electronics
. Floor Coverings
. Housewares
. Furniture
. Candy and Chocolates

. Spring Apparel and Accessories
. Winter Sports Equipment
. Gardening Supplies
. Luggage
. Frozen Food

. Spring Apparel and Accessories
. Coats and Hats
. Paint
. Wallpaper
. Jewish Foods and Eggs

. White Sale - Linens and Towels
. Spring Cleaning Supplies
. Auto Maintenance
. Home Maintenance
. Sodas, Hotdogs, Hamburger Meat, Condiments

. Summer Apparel and Accessories
. Pianos
. Television Sets
. Building Materials and Hardware
. Dairy Products

. Air Conditioners
. Summer Sports Equipment
. Sportswear
. Craft Supplies
. Sodas, Hotdogs, Hamburger Meat, Condiments

. White Sale - Linen and Towels
. BBQ and Patio Equipment
. Back to School Supplies
. Bathing Suits
. Fresh Fish and Vegetables

. Back to School Supplies and Apparel
. Gardening Supplies
. Housewares
. Bicycles
. Canned Goods

. Cars
. Houses
. Fishing Equipment
. Crystal, Silver, and Glassware
. Candy

. Winter Apparel and Accessories
. Quilts and Blankets
. Heating Devices
. Turkey, Sweet Potatoes

. Toys
. Gift Items
. Partyware
. Post-Holiday Sales
. Party Foods, Baking Goods, and Various Meats

TIP: Be sure to stock up when your favorites are on sale!

Sandy is a freelance writer and webmaster of TheFrugalShopper.com. She enjoys living the frugal life, saving money, and helping others to do the same. Subscribe to her newsletter to receive more money-saving ideas and frugal tips. Reprint permission granted with this footer included. Copyright TheFrugalShopper.com 2002.

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