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What did you have on hand for after your birth?
~ a message board archive

From Book_Worm ~ We're planning a homebirth again (Boo's birth was a planned homebirth, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we opted to head to hospital - our midwife was there, her back-up on the way and the third on rotation was on vacation!!).

I'm wondering about some of things to have on hand for after the birth that aren't in the pregnancy-book lists. Things like Arnica. Any suggestions?

From JulieD ~ I didn't use oil on Logan's bum after he was born but we paid the price scrubbing off that tar-poopy so this time we used it and Jireh's poop came off in one swipe (we just used it until he started pooping regular breastfeeding poops).

One of those hemorrhoid pillows worked well at first when I had stitches/sore bottom from birth - didn't have one last time, wish I had. I didn't have a Boppy or lanolin last time either but this time I did. Useful to be sure. I'd have some pain meds (Tylenol the first 24 hours and then Advil is what I've heard) for afterbirth-pains. They were quite a bit more ouchy the second time around.

Other than those things, I didn't use anything else special.

From Canameri ~ An extra helper for your toddler... it's tricky keeping toddler and baby looked after!

From hunter ~ We used olive oil on the butt to keep the meconium from sticking. It worked great, and kept their skin super soft.

My midwife preferred superglue over stitches, but she did carry them, and a local anesthetic, just in case. I highly suggest having one of those spray-on topical anesthetics on hand. Even if you don't need stitches or glue, you can be very sore and the spray-on stuff works quickly and doesn't require being poked with a needle even once. It's also helpful for that burning sensation you get while peeing after delivery!

I definitely recommend taking an alfalfa supplement before and after delivery. It helps with clotting. I bled very little after any of my births and I think that's why. Ask your midwife about this, and what quantity to take.

Stock up on protein-rich snacks like yogurt, soy nuts, almonds, and celery sticks (have your husband wash and chop some each night and keep them in water in the fridge) to dip in peanut butter. I found as soon as I started nursing, I'd suddenly be *starving* and it was nice to have good-for-me things that were easy to grab so I wasn't pigging out on chips and cookies all day.

Sit on a Boppy if your bottom is sore; it's much more comfy than a blow-up pillow!

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