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What to wear to home birth?
~ a message board archive
From Danica ~ For those that have home birthed, what did you wear? Also my husband and I co-sleep with our other two children so I am not sure where I should birth, the baby is due if Feb so I have a few months to figure that one out.

From ArmyBratMom ~ I wore a t shirt and maternity shorts while I was in labor. I took the shorts off, so basically i just wore a t shirt for the birth.

From mom2jazzygirl ~ I wear nothing, or just a short gown. You don't have to deliver in your bed unless you want to. You can go anywhere you want to; that's one advantage of homebirth.

From Sorsha94 ~ The people in the Attachment Parenting Board will probably have some ideas about what to do for sleeping arrangements. For the actual birth I wore an old silky buttonfront night shirt to keep my back and shoulders warm.

From teachinmama ~ For the first part of my labor I was in a t-shirt and panties. Then later I labored in the water so I just wore my sports bra.

From karin ~ I wore nothing. My bed was the last place I wanted to be . . . dd was born on the bathroom floor!

From BrandiL ~ I wore a t shirt and some really comfy pants until the very last stages when I just wore a t shirt.

From huntergirl ~ For DD#1: I was pretty much naked the entire time, and delivered her at the foot of our bed.

DD#2: I was in a sundress, then got naked and into the shower. I delivered her standing in the shower.

DD#3: In a sundress again, which I unbuttoned towards the end and wore like a robe. I delivered her on the floor next to our bed.

Twin boys: I was in sweats (pretty much all that would still fit me and keep me warm) until DH reminded me I needed to remove the pants! I kept the top on, and slid Jack under it to nurse. They were both born in our bed.

Even when I'd labor in the other room, our kids always woke up. They just seemed to know it's happening. Sometimes we'd be in/on the same bed, sometimes they'd go sleep in the other room, sometimes they'd sit up and wait, sometimes they'd try to wait and fall asleep on the sofa. It always works out somehow. Good luck!

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