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Common Side Effects of Fertility Drugs
   ~ a message board archive

From Chelsey ~ Please describe yourself on meds. List your reactions to some of the drugs you've taken.

From Chelsey

Clomid ~ Strong emotions, especially weepiness. Full feeling in the ovaries. Thinning of the uterine lining

Letrozole/Femra ~ Full feeling in the ovaries. I had no emotional side effects at all!

Repronex ~ Very sore ovaries. Bloating. Headaches (due to rapidly rising estradiol level). Some bruising at the injection site. And a positive - a lovely, thick uterine lining

From LoriAnnB

Clomid ~ Very moody, crabby and emotional. Less cervical mucus.

Progesterone suppositories ~ Bloating. Tired.

Follistim ~ Nothing outstanding other than its nickname isn't "follisting" for no reason; it does sting going in but doesn't last long. I have a great lining with Follistim (up in the 13ish range)

Ovidrel ~ Very bloated. Emotional. Sore breasts. Cramping.

Prednisone (for my immune stuff) ~ Eating. Weight gain (bloated all over like hands and face). Moody.

From allicatitalia

Clomid: Extremely moody, night sweats, slightly sore breasts after ovulation, period was heavier and, (on average) 3 days longer than a non-medicated cycle, little to no cervical mucus (to the point where intercourse was uncomfortable), and slight nausea around testing time (definitely could have been psychological)

Gonal F: Maybe a little moody (but NOTHING like me on Clomid), ovarian twitching (was more aware of my ovaries working), sore and enlarged breasts after ovulation (but that could be the trigger shot), 3-4 days of menstruation (normal for me - as opposed to 6-7 days of menstruation on Clomid), increased pelvic discomfort (ovarian burning sensation bilaterally) around ovulation, and increase in fertile quality cervical mucus

Bravelle: Same as Gonal F with the symptoms doubled in intensity (could have been because my dosage was higher) - extreme pelvic pain after ovulation to the point where it hurt to walk (ended up having mild OHSS), and breasts 1 cup size fuller and felt really hard like concrete (had to sleep in bra for a couple of days)

Profasi: This could be tricky because I've done Profasi with 7/8 of my medicated cycles. One cycle I did 2 Profasi shots so I'll write about my different symptoms that month. I could really feel the pulling sensation in my ovaries when I ovulated. Maybe I was just more aware because I had done the shot and was just waiting for ovulation. But I specifically remember feeling really "full and bloated" (pelvis) one minute and 2 hours later I felt as light as a feather. I think I ovulated during those 2 hours. This was the same month my breasts literally felt like concrete to the touch. That's about all I noticed that was different the month I did 2 HCG triggers. However, I did have all of the other injectable symptoms, too.

FYI: I noticed a BIG difference in follicle size when I changed from doing FSH injectables IM to SQ. My follicles matured a lot faster taking the med SQ to the point where I needed about half the dosage to get a mature follicle.

From Paula

Gonal-f: Mostly ovarian tenderness particularly left-sided crampiness which lasted throughout the cycle. Also a heavy feeling in the ovarian area if I overdid something (ie shoveling snow).

Pregnyl (hcg trigger): Approximately two hours after the shot (given by an RN - so it was done correctly), the injection site became really sore and my ovaries felt like they were going to explode. That lasted about two hours. The injection site remained sore to the touch for 1.5 days. During the 2ww I had tender, sore, slightly enlarged breasts.

From Irunalot

Lupron (10 units): Mild dull headache. Day/night sweats.

Gonal-F & Pergonal: Very emotional. Ovaries have a very bloated feeling. Headaches. OVERLY regular with BM's

Bravelle & Repronex: Very emotional. Ovaries have a very bloated feeling. Headaches.

Progesterone: Very bloated feeling. Breasts very full. Nipples very tender. Sore hips at the injection site. Tired.

From Terry

Clomid: Emotional/weepy (it's horrible, I hardly ever cry). Hot flashes. Painful ovulation. Bloating just before ovulation. Less painful period. Luteal phase shorter by at least 1 day. More ewcm, usually don't get any, now I have plenty. Nausea.

From Parker

Clomid: Very emotional, mood swings, weepiness.

Gonal F: Heavy feeling in ovaries. Very TIRED (least amount of side effect for me).

Repronex: Heavy feeling in ovaries. Minor Headaches. Very TIRED.

Lupron: Headaches. Hot flashes

Progesterone: Constipation. Bloated. Insomnia. Backache. Crampy. Bruises/Welts from PIO. Spotting with suppositories

Side effect of all drugs for me - Weight gain

From AmyA

Clomid: Extremely emotional. Hot flashes

Follistim only-IUI: Somewhat emotional. Pain/bruising at injection site

Follistim and Repronex-IVF: Somewhat emotional. Bloating. Very sore ovaries. Pain at injection site. ohss

Lupron: No side effects

Progesterone: Pain at injection site. Lumps at injection site

Prometrium: No noticable side effects. Messy.

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