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Infertility Cubby

Vitamins and Sperm Counts
by Joanna Ellington, Ph.D., Reproductive Physiologist

Dr. Joanna EllingtonQ. My husband has had a sperm analysis done end with terrrible results. I've heard that some supplementation might help. Is this true? I had him start taking a men's health daily multi plus a C& E and a zinc tab. He switched to decaf tea and pop.

I was also told (but not by the doctor who told me with these numbers I will never have a child) to get him retested to make sure the sample wasn't compromised in some way. He was very stressed at the time of sample as they didn't offer any private rooms. He had to use the public washroom in the hall poor.

I am hoping to set up an appointment for him to give another sample at a different clinic. I believe there is an andrologist on staff there that may be able to give us an expert opinion of where we can go from there.

Any other advice for us as we're still trying to conceive our first child.

A. You are handling everything just right! I would strongly suggest that you find someone else to work with if that was truly what was said by your doc! Also, your husband needs to repeat the tests either collecting at home with you, or in a hotel room. If he is stressed or not well stimulated, it can decrease sperm motility by 50%! He can also use His~Seed to help make collection easier. The clinic you are looking at is a good one. Also, I would find a fertility vitamin specifically because supplements can help. You can go to www.helpconceive.com to read some articles on this.

A big issue for you two as you have natural intercourse and get more information about what is really going on, would be accurate timing of your fertile time and having intercourse every other day during that time. Also no smoking and no antidepressants either for your husband, and limit bike riding. But all of this can be gone over with you by a Clinical Andrologist who is best versed in what you need to do.

Good luck!

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