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Infertility Cubby

Personal Stories

Paths to Parenthood
Jennifer Mason's story of in vitro fertilization and the birth of her twins

A Long, Hard Road to Parenthood
Written by Krystina Clunk, this is part research paper, part personal story dealing with the emotions involved with infertility.

Kay's Family Building Journal
After two losses and years of extensive infertility treatments, Kay and her husband adopted a healthy newborn daughter. This is her journal of donor egg procedures and eventually becoming parents through adoption.

Brenda's Trying to Conceive Journal
Brenda and Brad have been married ten years and tried to conceive their first child. Upon completing their fifth year without birth control and just before attempting their first IUI, Brenda learned she has some serious medical problems that will prevent her from trying to conceive for awhile. She has posted a final entry to her journal.

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