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Infertility Cubby

Metformin Use in Diabetes and Infertility
By Sam Thatcher, MD, Ph.D.

Sam Thatcher, MD, Ph.D.Q. I would like to know about metformin being used to help with fertility in women with PCOS? I was told four years ago I had PCOS and I am also a type two diabetic and have been told I will need insulin injections instead of metformin. I am on diabex (500mg) three times a day. Any information you have would be a great help.

A. I am not trying to evade the question. I do not like to give contrary information, and there are many "right ways." Having said this, I believe Metformin to be a foundation of the treatment of type 2 diabetes, regardless of pregnancy desires. The first evidence that metformin was useful for infertility came form the accidental finding that diabetics using metformin began have regular cycles and get pregnant. We are hopeful that diet, exercise, and insulin altering drugs will be able to keep the thousands off insulin. You may also want to check out the American Diabetes Association site which has a load of good information.

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