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Infertility Cubby

Welcome to StorkNet's Infertility Cubby

What's New
     º Facts About Clomid
If you're just starting out with treatment for your infertility, it's very likely that your health care provider will suggest that you try Clomid. The thought of taking medication for your infertility can be really scary, especially if you don't know all of the facts about the medication. Here are a few tips to help you feel more comfortable.

     º Making the Decision to Use an Egg or Sperm Donor
If you have been struggling with infertility, you have probably already figured out that as your reality changes, so do your perceptions of your options. How many of you once thought, "I'll never do infertility drugs?" By now you may be a veteran of many medicated cycles. As you traveled down one path, you discovered that options which once seemed daunting or disturbing could actually have become attractive.

Hot Topic
     º When Is it Time to See an RE?
When is it time to stop seeing your gynecologist and consult a specialist? Share your thoughts on our blog here or email us.
     º Would you go?
Does infertility keep you from engaging in social situations where you may have to discuss whether or not you have children and why not? How do you handle these events? Share your wisdom with our infertility forum.

In the News
     º USA Today Examines New IVF Technique That Reduces Risk of Multiple Births ~ a news release from National Partnership for Women & Families

Featured Article
     º Tips on Preparing For an IVF Cycle
You are getting ready to start a cycle of IVF. It may be that you've waited years for this - trying to get a diagnosis, find a doctor, and get physically, mentally, and financially prepared. You've probably done a ton of research already, but there still may be a few things that you need to know. Hopefully, some of these tips will make your cycle go more smoothly, making the experience less stressful (if that's even possible!)

And Don't Forget
     º Common infertility Acronyms and Phrases
The world of infertility carries an alphabet soup of acronyms, in addition to many unfamiliar words and phrases. Knowing exactly what each acronym or phrase means increases awareness and knowledge, which in turn decreases anxiety and fear.

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