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Infertility Cubby

How to Pass the Time
by Chelsey Langland

The unfortunate reality of infertility treatment is that there is a lot of hurry up and wait. Hurry up to make an IVF session, then take off 6 or 8 or 10 weeks to return to normal after it fails. Wait to miscarry. Wait for your period. Wait for the financial resources to enable you to get back on the horse. And all of that waiting can really stink. So, here are some tips (some more serious than others) to help you pass the time, so that you feel like you're at least doing something.

  • Organize your records, especially your financial information. Some medical expenses are tax deductible, so it behooves you to get your paperwork in order, especially if you've had a great deal of out-of-pocket expense. Organize receipts, track spending (including mileage and parking!), and calculate costs. Now is also a good time to order a full copy of your medical records (it's really helpful to have a set on hand) and sift through old orders to figure out if there's something in a prior protocol that works well for you.

  • Get artistic! Use all of those vial tops from injectable medications to make a mobile. The tops of Repronex bottles are a fetching shade of pink. Take leftover bottles of diluent, inject glitter, and craft magical key chains. Create homemade darts with unneeded needles.

  • Pay attention to your own needs. One of the most common complaints I hear about infertility treatment is the weight gain that seems to follow. Pick yourself up and go for a walk. Or hire a personal trainer at the gym. It feels good to focus on what your body can do, as opposed to what it can't. And as a reward for all that hard work, book a massage or pedicure. You deserve it.

  • Photograph the bruises that come from wayward PIO injections. File away the photos for next October, when you need a good model for completing your Halloween costume.

  • Get comfortable with your partner again. Infertility treatment can be really hard on a relationship, and it doesn't help that many clinics caution against intimacy during treatment. Put your sex life back on the right track. Hit Victoria's Secret, book a hotel room (or dim the lights in the bedroom), buy a bottle of champagne or some strawberries (or both!) and remember that sex doesn't have to be all about baby making.

  • Two words: retail therapy.

  • Get some projects done around the house, especially the ones that you've put off because you are thinking about a pregnancy. Paint a spare room. Dig a garden. Re-grout the tub. You'll end up with a nicer place to live while using up some energy.

  • Use leftover needles and syringes in the kitchen. Sub-Q needles are great for injecting marinade into meat or brandy into berries. Use a syringe to fill pasta tubes with cheese, or to pipe peanut butter into celery. Martha Stewart will have nothing on you.

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