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Crafts for Kids

Message Board Archives ~ Craft Supply Ideas

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From JenElizabeth ~ My dd loves drawing, glueing, cutting, etc. Recently she made an interesting picture by glueing toothpicks and glitter to a piece of paper. For her birthday I am getting her new markers, foam shapes, glue, construction paper etc. Can you give me some fun ideas of things I can buy that she can use in her projects? She will be 4 years old

From Viketory ~ Scissors with funky edges. I saw some at Target and they look like they're for the younger set. I would have loved that. Also feathers and those stupid little eyes that you can glue onto stuff. Ribbons would be handy for things like necklaces or hairbands. I liked that too.

From Becks2 ~ I was going to mention googly eyes too! How about different colors of pipe cleaners, some stickers, old magazine for cutting, pom poms, feathers, and all kinds of paints. There are lots of new glitter glue things out now from Crayola that look like fun too.

From scuba ~ The kids adore using my scrapbooking scissors. I bought a few then got a tub of them on sale so they use the extras. They also love love love the foam stickers! We started at christmas and we do them all the time - they'll do the pre-stickied ones and the glue ones. We also got a clear box about 6"hx18"x8" to put their craft stuff in. I'm not super organized and this is great. I trust you have playdough?

From 1Dawn ~ A whole box of scotch tape for her very own! Glue takes too long to dry. My kids loved (correction) love to take garbage and make things. Toilet paper tubes, bottle caps, cereal boxes . . . the list is endless. Anything not sharp or dirty has been an art project in our house. Magazines, catalogs, scraps of fabric, the crepe paper you take down after a party, etc. She could also do a little scrapbook with a little help. Give her some pictures and some supplies. When my kids were your dd's age they liked a project such as finding red things and putting them on a piece of tag board. Making a city out of boxes. That sort of thing.

From JenElizabeth ~ I like the scissor idea. She only has one pair of regular scissors. We have to keep lots of tape on hand. She loves tape! Thanks for all the great ideas! Keep 'em coming!

From aimeen ~ Alex really enjoyed a sand art kit we bought him recently (it was really inexpensive too). It came with little bags of colored sand and some pictures that had removable sticky tape. You peel off the tape in different sections and pour the sand all over that area. It is really easy and he loved it. You could buy one of those really small Xyron machines which lets you make stickers. Alex loves doing that too. Pipe cleaners and pom-poms are fun too.

From Canameri ~ My dd is craft crazy too! We do crafts ALL the time. One thing not mentioned was raiding your sewing supplies . . . rick rack, elastic, embroidery thread, etc. She LOVES to sew on paper; we do use a real needle and thread (she's 3 1/2 though) of course with my help. She loves making collages so we also keep the 'recyclables' in a container for her to dip into, including magazines, flyers, soymilk tops, cloth from my sewing stuff, etc. She also LOVES sending these wonderful art projects to various friends and relatives, so she has her own 'mail supplies'. she has a little packet of stamps (kept up though) and various sized envelopes, which she takes as much time decorating as she does the collage inside the envelope!

From Tami C ~ Popsicle sticks are lots of fun. And you can use dried beans (in the grocery store, like for soup) to make some really funky collages.

From JenElizabeth ~ I should mention buttons! I have a big container of buttons and she loves gluing those too.

From Quoth ~ Good ideas so far. Rice, lentils, peas, beans, pasta are great for collage but obviously require close supervision. Drinking straws cut to different lengths and pasta are good for collage or making necklaces. Tissue paper, corrugated card, shiny foil and coloured cellophane. Glue sticks, PVA glue, glitter glue and sellotape. Don't forget to keep dinky boxes like from camera film, stock cubes, tomato puree, soap etc. In the nursery we always get loads of cereal boxes but they love small ones to stick on. Yoghurt pots make great arms/legs/turrets/funnels and milk bottle tops are handy wheels. Sequins and beads are always popular too.

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