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Crafts for Kids

Project of the Month ~ Mosaic Button Pots

Mosaic Button PotFor ages 2 and up with parental supervision

These pots are a twist on your traditional broken tile mosaic design. Instead of using broken pottery that can be dangerous for little fingers we used buttons.


  • Buttons in assorted shape, colors and sizes (bulk crafting buttons can be purchased for low prices at most fabric and craft stores)

  • White sand tile grout (available in premixed or powder form)

  • Low melt glue gun and glue

  • Ceramic pots in sizes appropriate for your child's attention span - 2" pots are used in the examples

  • Dry and damp paper towels

  • Dry moss, silk flowers and potting clay if desired

Mosaic Button PotsDirections:

  • Working with the child apply dots of low melt glue to the side of the pot. Have the child press buttons onto the dots. We found that three dots of glue were the best. If we did more the glue would harden before the child had a chance to put the button on.

  • After desired pattern is reached prepare the grout following the directions on the container.

  • Apply the grout generously over the design working it into all the holes with your fingers. The grout is what will hold the buttons in place. Low melt glue is easily popped off ceramic.

  • Allow the pot to dry for a short period of time then rub off excess grout with dry paper towels being careful to not rub off the grout between the buttons.

    Tile Mosaic Pot

  • Rub surfaces of buttons with the damp paper towel to remove most of the grout from the surface. You can remove more or less to get the effect you wish.

  • Fill with silk flowers and moss.
The same techniques can be used with miniature tiles or broken tiles. The larger pot is an example of the miniature tile design.


Boys and Pots

Do you have an idea for another Project of the Month for our Crafts for Kids Cubby? We'd love to hear from you. Email our moderators with your suggestions!

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