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Crafts for Kids

Junk to Gems - Baby Food Jars

Our Junk to Gems topic focuses on household "junk" that can be used in new ways. This time we're asking:

What can you do with baby food jars?

Here are some ideas from our members:

Holiday Crafts!

From DebbieL ~ Make this Jellybean Duck.

From mcaren ~ I received a gift once for Easter that was made with a baby food jar. It was decorated and painted like a white bunny rabbit, complete with ears, whiskers, pom pom nose, and cotton ball tail. Then it was filled with jellybeans. It was really cute.

From miche ~ My mom has a Christmas gnome made out of a baby food jar. Out of red felt she cut a heart shaped shape and glued that to the bottom of the jar for feet. On top she has two big stars, one in green and another in red with the points alternating to form the collar. Then on top of that is a white styrofoam ball with eyes and nose made out of a pin with a small bead and sequins base (the eyes are black sequins and the nose is a pale pink.) To top it off the head is a red felt cone with a white mini pom pom on top. It is adorable filled with red and green M&M's.

From GwenniesMom ~ My Grandma has a christmas tree with lights made out of baby food jars. She said that when they used to make them, you could use either jars, but it is sturdier with the larger jars. You take two jars and paint them brown for the base and glue them together. Take 4 jars and glue those together, then 3 etc till you have a pyramid, but don't connect them to the base yet. Wrap a green Christmas ribbon around the whole pyramid and paint the bottoms (what will be facing out) lightly with green paint. Then attach the pyramid to the brown base. Take a small strand of white Christmas lights and insert them into each of the jars and tape them into place. You can also cover the back in felt or fabric and make small holes at each jar to insert the lights, but be sure to leave large enough holes for venting so that they do not overheat. I wish I could find the picture of it. It really is too cute!!

Other crafts!

From Maribeth ~ When I was a preschool Sunday School teacher, we made sand sculptures in baby food jars. Alternate the different colored sands and use popsicle sticks to create the designs. The kids loved it and the moms thought they were cute (even if the sand got all mixed into one color when the kids shook the jars!).

From sarah ~ We used them in a sunday school activity. Open jar, hot glue a decorative miniature on the inside of the lid, add water to jar and glitter and then screw cap on tightly--voila--Home made snow globe! You can also use a bit of super glue around the lid on inside so that you get it on tight enough that it doesn't spill.

From Musical Mommy ~ I save them for my preschooler and they make great containers for different colors of paint and also great jars to hold water for rinsing your brush.

From Kim504 ~ If any of you have kids is grade school a lot of the teachers would love to have these for their craft projects. I have been saving Hailey's for James' Kindergarten class. I like the idea that his teacher is getting a craft project for her class for nothing!

Candles, air fresheners and bath salts!

Check out our Crystal Wax Candles project - perfect for baby food jars!

From dominic'smom ~ I make candles out of them and have saved every jar Dominic has ever eaten out of. I buy candles that are Yankee candle cast offs and melt them on top of the stove in an old pan. I rearrange the wick and then paint the jars and write cute sayings on them with a script that is relatively easy. I used them for gifts for Christmas in baskets that were arranged around a homemade theme.

Here's a recipe for AIR FRESHENERS:

  • You will need the following:
       • 1 box of Knoxx Unflavored Gelatin (or 4 pkgs)
       • 1 bottle of liquid Potpourri (any scent)
  • Mix them together in a saucepan and I warm it up until it starts to thicken then pour it into the jar.
  • To make them into gifts, I buy tulle, cut it into circles and place it over the opening and tie with a ribbon and replace the cap.
You can paint the cap as well. Happy making.

From Lesley ~ I have seen people take them and make candle holders using wire...I once saw an entire wall sconce/candelabra piece made from small baby food jars, black wire and beads.

From Musical Mommy ~ You can get some colored "tissue" paper and cut them up in little squares and have your preschooler glue them to the outside of the jar and cover the surface area. Then you can buy a tealight and pop it inside...and you have another type of candle holder but it's a preschool craft project.

From momofsugarplum ~ I make aromatherapy bath salts. I love using the beautiful glass bottles with the cork at the top. But, the baby food jars work great also. You can decorate them up with fabric etc. During Christmas time I make a bunch up to give as last minute gifts to people that just stop by. (For recipes please see our Project of the month Bath Gifts)


From amym ~ I save them and every time I paint a room, I put some paint in there. That way, if I have to do some touch-up, I don't have to get the big can out. Not crafty, but still a good idea.

From KatesMom ~ Just because no one else has mentioned it, I have to mention what I consider the "classic" use for baby food jars: nail the lids to the rafters above the basement workbench, and use the jars to hold screws, nuts, bolts, nails, etc. I'm using some baby food jars to budget my "savings" of loose change and mad money.

From Lutey ~ I think this one goes along with the lids nailed to the workbench. I can remember my grandmother and my own mother using baby food jars for various odds and ends in their sewing (and craft) rooms. Stray buttons, pins, fabric markers, etc.

From miche ~ I use them as spice jars for my home grown herbs.

From bigsurprise3 ~ This isn't crafty, but my mom is on WW, and the baby food jars are just the right measurement she needs for a bunch of her food. So she puts everything in baby food jars and totes them to work for her lunch.


From traci ~ Well, my husband found some way on the net to start plants from little clips of leaves off other plants. Sterilize the baby food jars, add some agar (growth medium) and inositol and let 'em propagate!

If you have any more ideas to share for what to do with baby food jars, please email our moderators.


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