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Crafts for Kids

Christmas Wreath Ornaments
Ages 3 and older, younger children will need assistance


Shiny wreathMaterials:

  • 2 shiny silver pipe cleaners
  • approximately 9 6mm green faceted beads
  • thin green ribbon
  • pencil
  • craft glue
  • nylon thread


  • Twist the two pipe cleaners together at the end to make one long pipe cleaner.

  • Wrap pipe cleaner around a pencil making a long coil.

  • Join pipe cleaner ends with a twist and shape into a wreath.

  • Insert green faceted beads in the coil between every other turn. Glue in place if desired.

  • Tie ribbon into a bow and glue on to the wreath.

  • Tie on a loop of nylon thread to hang.


Beaded WreathMaterials:

  • shiny gold pipe cleaner
  • 18 - 18 mm green starflake beads
  • 9 red 6 mm faceted beads
  • 9 green 6 mm faceted beads
  • 7 red tri beads
  • wire cutters
  • nylon thread


  • Alternate beads on pipe cleaner in the following order: starflake, red faceted, starflake, green faceted.

  • Center beads so an equal amount of pipe cleaner is left on each side of the beads.

  • Twist pipe cleaners together to tie.

  • Hold both ends of pipe cleaner together and thread tri beads on to make the candle.

  • Clip pipe cleaner and bend over ends to create the candle flame.

  • Attach nylon thread to hang.


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