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Crafts for Kids

Junk to Gems ~ Egg cartons
Egg Carton Craft/Activities Ideas

Here are some additional egg carton ideas from our members:


Spooky Spiders!!
From Mitchellfam ~ Here's a Halloween idea for egg cartons . . .

Cut up the carton into singles . . . we used the heavier almost cardboard egg carton. Turn the egg carton upside down (dome like) and paint them black. Get some black pipe cleaners, cut to about 5 inches in length (8 of them.) Use a hole punch to punch around the edge of the single egg carton part (4 on each side)...and attach by bending the end through the holes and shaping the "legs" . . . voila!! A SPOOKY SPIDER!!! You can attach or paint eyes if you wish . . . and use a piece of yarn to hang it from the window/doorways.

My daughter was 3 when we did this and she still loves her "spooky spider."

From Katie797 ~ In my 4 year old's Arts & Crafts class they used egg cartons to make caterpillars. Just cut the egg carton in half long ways so you have 6 cups all attached. Draw a face on the front of one of the end cups or glue on those small googly eyes. Poke holes in top of the head and run a small piece of pipe cleaner through for antennae (curl the ends). Then have the kids paint them. They're very cute.

School Bus!
From Caryl ~ I did something with the top of an egg carton this fall. Charon and I made it look like the side of a school bus. Here's how you do it:

  1. Paint it yellow. (We used washable paint, so it took several coats. Tempera paint would be better, I think.)
  2. Cut two circles out of black construction paper and glue them on the bottom so that they look like wheels.
  3. Write "SCHOOL" along the top of the bus.
  4. Cut pictures of kids out of magazines or catalogs and tape them inside the carton so that they look like they are peeking out of the windows.
It's pretty goofy, but Charon loves it, and still pretends to drive it around.

From Enda ~ I love the school bus idea. I think Maryam and I will do that one today. You can also cut each individual cup apart, paint them pretty colors, stick pipe cleaners in the bottoms, attach construction paper leaves on the cleaners - FLOWERS! Kids love making their own flower garden.

Christmas Wreath!
From qwert ~ I know it's early but we've made Christmas wreaths out of egg cartons. Cut the egg carton length-wise in half and form two half circles which are stapled together bottoms facing out. Paint green and add a bow if desired. You can hook a paper clip into the top for hanging.


From TES ~ They can also be used for mixing paint colors, sorting beads/beans/etc. Also good for counting games with preschoolers. You know . . . one bean in this one . . . two beans in that one, stuff like that.


From miche ~ Egg cartons make great seedling pots (particularly the Styrofoam ones, but those are harder to find now). Sprinkle just a few seeds in each cup and your transplanting will be a snap!


From Karixma ~ You can also use them as a Mancala game board.

What is Mancala?

From huntergirl ~ Mancala is an ancient game of strategy involving moving stones. It is believed to be a precursor to backgammon. Mancala is played with six playing pits plus one score pit, the Kalaha, per player. At the beginning of the game, each of the 12 playing pits contains 3 stones. To play, one player chooses a pit from which to pull the stones. Each stone is then placed, one at a time, into the successive pits, moving counter-clockwise around the board. Stones placed in his own Kalaha are points for that player. Stones are not placed in the opponent's Kalaha. If the last stone in a play is placed in the player's own Kalaha, he gets another turn. If the last stone is placed in an empty pit on his own side of the board, then he captures the stones in the opponent's Kalaha. All captured stones, as well as the capturing stone, are placed in the player's Kalaha. The game ends when all of the pits on one side of the board are empty. The player with stones remaining gets to put them into his Kalaha. The winner is the player with the most stones.

If you have any more ideas to share for what to do with egg cartons, please email our moderators. Don't forget our Egg Carton Kitty craft and these spooky spiders!


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