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Crafts for Kids

Project of the Month ~ St. Valentine's Day Magnetic Picture Hearts

These quick and easy heart-shaped magnets are wonderful for your child to give to his or her Valentine.

Heart Magnets


  • Approximately 4" square of Red or pink felt
  • White baby rick-rack (available at fabric stores in the bias tape section)
  • Small white pompom
  • Small piece of flat magnet (reuse the strips off the back of magnetic note pads)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Small picture of your child


  1. Have your child pick out a picture with a small head shot included. Hint: Make use of all those photos where one kid is smiling but the other isn't! Mini-wallet school pictures also work well.

  2. Fold a 4" square of felt in half and cut out a curve so the felt will open into a heart shape. Cut a smaller heart from the inside of the heart. Make sure the heart is large enough to frame the child's face (or the picture is small enough to fit in the heart "frame.")

  3. Glue the heart over the entire picture. When dry trim the picture around the outside of the heart.

  4. To add detail to the frame glue rick-rack around following the heart shape. You may find it necessary to place a weight on the heart to hold the rick-rack down while it dries.

  5. Glue magnet onto the back of the heart.

  6. Add a white pompom to the spot where the rick-rack joins.

Allow your child to participate in any step that is appropriate for their abilities. I cut out the felt and had my children do most other steps. My 2 year old helped pick a picture and spread glue on the picture so I could place the heart down. He also glued the magnet on and placed the pompom on. My 4 year old needed help gluing on the rick-rack, but did all other steps himself. He especially enjoyed cutting away the picture (with age appropriate scissors of course!)

Do you have an idea for another Project of the Month for our Crafts for Kids Cubby? We'd love to hear from you. Email our moderators with your suggestions!

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