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Crafts for Kids

Homemade Snow Paint and Snowflakes

Homemade Snow Paint, ages one and up

Mix together 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt and 1/2 cup water. Using a small sponge for a brush, paint snow pictures on black or dark blue construction paper. You can paint anything with a snow theme - snowmen, snowflakes, snow-covered mountains, snowy trees, etc. This paint gives a great three-dimensional effect. Let the picture dry thoroughly. You can also use regular paints on top of the snow paint after it dries. Try putting it into a squeeze bottle and "painting" pictures this way!

Making Snowflakes, ages three and up

If your child is too young to cut out snowflakes, make them yourself ahead of time, or have your child watch you make them - it is intriguing to watch!

Glitter SnowflakesThere are lots of ways to fold the paper to make your snowflake. The important thing is to start with a square piece. I folded mine diagonally three or four times. To make a six-sided snowflake, I folded the paper twice in half diagonally, and then divided the paper into thirds and made two more folds. Try out different ways and see what you like best.

Next, cut out different parts of the paper. Experiment and see what happens! It really is amazing to see how each one turns out differently.

You can cover your snowflakes with contact paper. Have your child help you to sprinkle glitter on the contact paper, then put the snowflake on it and fold the contact paper around it. Cut around the snowflake. You can hang these in the window, and you can save them to put up again next winter! You could also make a mobile out of these snowflakes.

Stained GlassTo make stained glass snowflakes, take bits of tissue paper and glue them onto one side of the snowflake, so that the colors show through the holes. There is no right way to do this - let your child try out different colors and sizes of tissue paper. Encourage them to play around with it. These look very pretty hanging in a window.

Picture Books About Snow and Snowflakes

Charon reading the Snowy DayThe Snowy Day, written and illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats, is a great book for little ones. Peter wakes up to find it has snowed, and his adventures include experimenting with footprints, making snow angels and trying to save a snowball for tomorrow.

Snowballs, written and illustrated by Lois Ehlert, begins by showing some "good stuff in a sack" suitable for decorating snow sculptures. The collage pictures that follow show wonderful creations that are fun to talk about together, and can inspire lots of craft ideas.

Snowflake Bentley, written by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and illustrated by Mary Azarian, is a picture book about a man who was fascinated with snowflakes, and figured out how to photograph them. This book won the Caldecott Medal in 1999. You can read more about Snowflake Bentley, the man, here.

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