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Crafts for Kids

July Project of the Month

Have you been seeing a lot of butterflies on these beautiful summer days? Make some butterflies with your children to celebrate the season!

Watercolor Butterflies

BUTTERFLIESMaterials needed:

  • Coffee filters
  • Any of the following painting supplies:
    • Water tinted with food coloring, and brush or dropper (You can use a muffin tin as your "palette.")
    • Washable markers and a small spray-bottle of water
    • Watercolors and brush
  • Spring-less clothespins

Charon paintingDirections:

  1. Lay out a few coffee filters on your painting surface. (You may want to lay out newspapers or paper towels to soak up the paint/water that will seep through the filters.)

  2. Paint the filters in any of the following ways. As you color them, watch the filters soak up and spread the colors, sometimes mixing them, watercolor-like.

    • Brush filters with tinted water, or use an eye dropper to drip small amounts of colored water onto the filter. (You can also try dipping the filter into the water, and watch the color wick up the filter.)

    • Draw an abstract design on the filters with markers, and then spray the filters lightly with water. (These filters come out looking tie-dyed!)
    • Use watercolors and a brush, dripping the paint lightly on the filters.

  3. Let the filters dry.

  4. Scrunch each filter between the clips of the clothespin to make your butterflies!

  5. If you like, you can draw a face on the clothespin, and attach pieces of pipe cleaners for antennae.

Butterfly Sandwiches

butterfly sandwichMaterials needed:

  • Bread
  • Peanut butter or another spread
  • Raisins, cheerios, banana slices, etc.
  • Thin slices of carrot or celery (optional)


    butterfly sandwich 2
  1. Cut a slice of bread in half, corner to corner, to make two triangles. Put them together to form a butterfly shape.

  2. Put your spread on the butterfly.

  3. Decorate your butterfly using the other foods. (The thin slices of carrot or celery can be antennae.)

  4. Eat and enjoy your butterfly!

StorkNet member and volunteer Lisa Jo added magnets to her butterflies. She says:

"I did a group sit for my babysitting co-op earlier this month and we did this craft. The kids loved it! I bought some peel and stick magnets, used colored plastic clothespins I already had, and added antennae.

"A tip from the craft store: the clerk recommended the peel and stick magnets that are sold individually in packs of 4 (or whatever). The ones that come in a strip that you cut to size don't have enough stick power."


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