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Crafts for Kids

July 2003 Project of the Month
Bubble Prints

Bubble prints are pretty, fun and easy to make. This is a great project to do outdoors on a warm day. It can get messy, so you may want to dress in swimsuits and have the hose handy for clean-up!

Materials Needed:

  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • Liquid tempera paint liquid
  • Containers for mixing and straws for blowing
  • Paper


  1. Mix two parts dish soap with one part liquid tempera paint in a small container. Do as many colors as you like in separate containers.
    Charon   Charon

  2. Stir the mixture together, then add a small amount of water and stir some more.

  3. Blow into the mixture through a straw, so that bubbles come up over the top of the container. (If it's hard to create bubbles, try adding a bit more water.) Be careful not to inhale the mixture through the straw!
    Charon's bubbles

  4. Brush a piece of paper over the bubbles to make your bubble prints. The bubbles will pop on the paper, leaving behind some very pretty bubble shapes.

  5. You can layer different colors of bubbles on your paper to create a nice design.

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