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Crafts for Kids

June 2005 Project of the Month
Celebrate Fourth of July with Crafts

Help teach your children the meaning of independence day with these fun and easy crafts.

(FeatureSource) For most American families, Independence Day probably signifies a picnic, a parade and fireworks. As we all kick back for the needed respite, it is easy to forget that we are celebrating our nation's birthday.

"While very young children will not easily grasp the concept of a nation's birthday, you can do a few simple things to begin building Independence Day traditions with your family," says Trish Kuffner, author of The Arts and Crafts Busy Book (Meadowbrook Press).

"Craft projects are a constructive way to introduce patriotism to your children," says Kuffner. "And these projects provide an opportunity for young children to express themselves creatively."

Try these trouble-free craft projects to teach your children the meaning of Independence Day.

Fourth of July Noisemakers

This simple craft project requires minimal adult supervision and uses supplies found around any home. Your child will enjoy bringing these colorful noisemakers along to a local parade or fireworks display.

First, collect empty frozen juice cans with lids, tissue paper, twist-ties, markers and small hard items (such as rocks, beans, popcorn kernels or pennies).Second, place the hard items inside each can and tape on the lids.Third, roll the cans in red, white and blue tissue paper so there are several inches of spare paper sticking out beyond the edges of the can. Fourth, have your child secure each end with a twist-tie. Finally, have your child decorate the noisemaker with markers.

Fireworks Painting

Many families celebrate Independence Day by attending fireworks displays. The kaleidoscopic colors, loud noises and late bedtime can be exhilarating for young children. Stretch out the excitement by creating these shimmering fireworks paintings.

First, gather together a Koosh ball or plastic scouring pad, liquid tempera paint, dark-colored construction paper, glue and glitter.Second, have your child dip the ball or pad into the paint and press it onto paper. Repeat this process with several colors and allow paint to dry.Third, dip the ball or pad into glue and press onto the paper. Sprinkle glitter onto glue.

Author: FeatureSource Staff

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