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Crafts for Kids

March Projects of the Month
Sticky Collage, Easter Egg Sun Catchers, and Wrapping Paper Matching Game

All of our projects this month involve clear contact paper. Please visit our Heart of the Home Cubby for more project ideas using clear contact paper.

These first two projects can be enjoyed by very young children, and take very little preparation time.

Sticky Collage


  • Clear contact paper
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape or hot glue gun
  • Items to collage with (paper cut into shapes, pictures from magazines, confetti, glitter, feathers, etc.)

Cut the contact paper to the size you want. Attach it to a piece of construction paper using double-sided tape or a hot glue gun. Assemble collage materials. When your child is ready to begin, peel the backing off the contact paper and show them how they can stick things to it. Let them play with it, making their own collage.

If you used all flat materials for the collage, you can cover the collage with contact paper to preserve it, and even use it as a placemat! The photo shows a special setting made for St. Patrick's Day.

Easter Egg Sun Catchers

sun catcher eggsMaterials:

  • Clear contact paper
  • Pastel-colored tissue paper
  • Scissors

Cut out two small, rectangular pieces of contact paper. Have your child help you tear the tissue paper into small bits. Peel off the backing of one of the pieces of contact paper. Let your child stick pieces of tissue paper to it. When it is pretty well filled, cover it with the second piece of contact paper. Smooth it out, and then cut it into the shape of an egg. (I made a pattern of an egg to trace first.) Hang them in the window, as shown in the photo.

You can make sun catchers to fit any theme you like: hearts for Valentine's Day, flowers for spring, etc.

This next project is for adults or older children to do, and for little ones to play with.

Wrapping Paper Matching Game


  • Clear contact paper
  • Wrapping paper, new or used, with lots of small, different pictures
  • Scissors
  • A piece of cardboard or tag board

Charon with her puzzleCut out a piece of wrapping paper to make the game board. Secure it to the cardboard or tag board using clear contact paper. This will also help it to last longer. Then, cut out objects from the wrapping paper so that your child can match them with the ones on the game board. Cover these with contact paper, too. The photo shows a child playing with her matching game.

Do you have an idea for another Project of the Month for our Crafts for Kids Cubby? We'd love to hear from you. Email our moderators with your suggestions!

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