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Crafts for Kids

Delightful Daffodils: Spring Crafts For Kids
by Rachel Vince

Ahhhh Spring! For a really neat kids' craft idea, make a bouquet of paper daffodils to help celebrate Spring. This project is for kids aged 6+.

Supplies needed:
Yellow crepe paper or yellow crepe paper streamers
4 green bendy plastic drinking straws

1. For each flower trumpet cut a 2 1/2 x 1 inch rectangle of yellow crepe paper, cutting the short edge parallel with the lines on the paper. Gently stretch one long edge between your fingers.

2. Glue the short edges together to form a trumpet-shaped tube. Cut off the top of a green bendy drinking straw 3/4 inch above the bend. Dab glue inside the bottom of the trumpet and squeeze the bottom of the trumpet around the straw.

3. Cut out a leaf shape from the yellow crepe paper 2 inches long and about 1 1/2 inches wide with a pointy tip at the top and a flat edge on the bottom. Repeat this 5 times. These will be the petals. Glue the bottom of three petals around the trumpet. Glue the other petals in the gaps. Leave the glue to dry, then open the petals. Bend the top of the straw "stalk" forward.

4. Repeat all of the above to make four daffodils or however many you would like in your bouquet.

About the Author:
Rachel Vince is a busy and happy mom of two young children who feels blessed at having a second chance at life, seeing through the eyes of her children. For more fun, favorite and meaningful ideas that preschoolers will enjoy visit her web site at http://www.discover-preschool-activities.com. For more spring craft ideas for kids visit www.create-kids-crafts.com.

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