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Crafts for Kids

Kitchen Accessories - Recipe Holder and Refrigerator Memo Holder

These simple yet beautiful projects using simple clothespins and silk flowers are a bright and practical addition to any kitchen. They make great Mother's Day gifts too!

Receipe holderRecipe Holder:

This holder is a practical and pretty way to hold your favorite recipes while cooking. Write out a few recipes on index cards and include them for a gift that is sure to make her mouth water!

Materials Needed:

  • Clothespin (wood or plastic)
  • Silk flowers
  • Small terra cotta pot (you can also use an empty film canister)
  • Flower arranging clay or foam (optional)
  • White sand craft grout, plaster of paris or caulking
  • Dry moss (if desired)
  • Small piece of tape
  • Wire clippers
  • Hot or low melt glue gun and glue


    Recipe holder
  • Place a small piece of tape over the hole in the bottom of the pot to prevent the grout from running out.

  • Place a small bead of hot glue on the inside edge of the back of the clothespin. Secure the pin to the inside of the pot so that one side is on the outside. Be sure not to place the pin so far down that it will not open properly.

  • Place a small amount of clay or foam at the bottom of the pot to position the flowers if desired. This step is not necessary, but it keeps the flowers in place better.

  • Cut down the stems of the flowers and arrange in the pot. Be sure not to have any flowers too high. You need to be able to read the entire recipe that will be clipped in.

  • Once flowers are arranged mix grout or plaster of paris and fill the pot. If desired spread some dry moss on the top while the grout is still wet.

  • Make the ribbon into a bow and glue below a flower.

  • Let dry and start cooking!

Refrigerator Memo Holder:

Fridge magnetIdea contributed by StorkNet member Gloria Babin. Gloria said, "I use it on my fridge to hold all sorts of things, and you could have a few on there to hold pictures, memos, etc. She suggests different themes for the seasons and holidays. "It would be cute with colored macaroni too!" Thank you Gloria for the great idea!

Materials needed:

  • Clothespin (wood or plastic)
  • Silk flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Thin flat magnet (I like to recycle the ones from the back of shopping list pads)
  • Wire clippers
  • Hot or low melt glue gun and glue


    Fridge magnet
  • Cut pieces of the magnet to desired size and glue to one side of the magnet. I suggest putting one piece on each end of the clothespin. You can cut thin magnets with sturdy scissors or wire clippers.

  • Arrange the flowers and glue to the front of the clothespin.

  • Let dry and use to hold your shopping list or favorite snap shots!

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