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Crafts for Kids

New Year's Crafts for Kids
by Alyssa Davis

Over the Christmas holidays, parents are always trying to find activities to keep their children busy. While playing with their holiday presents is always an option, after a while it is fun to engage them in a slightly different activity. If you are looking for a great idea to keep your children active and interested over the holiday break, try making New Year's crafts with them. While New Year's is not a traditionally crafty holiday, there are plenty of great party and celebration projects that you can make.

Midnight Shakers
There is nothing more fun for children than making a lot of noise on New Year's Eve as the clock strikes midnight. This year, let children make their own noise makers instead of purchasing them from the party store. Begin by gathering a 1/4 cup of dried beans, an empty toilet paper tube, construction paper, two rubber bands, glue and scissors for each child. Have the child cover the toilet paper tube in construction paper or decorate it with markers. Fold a sheet of construction paper in half and cut out two large circles. Put a line of glue around the top rim of one end of the toilet paper tube and place one circle flat against the end of the tube to cover the opening. Carefully fold down the overhanging circle paper and glue it to the sides of the toilet paper tube. Use a rubber band to hold it in place. Next, fill the tube up with the 1/4 cup of dried beans. If using large beans, you may need to use less or the tube will be too full to really shake. Once the beans are in, cover the other end of the tube with the other circle of paper just like you did to the opposite end. Place the rubber band on to hold it and, viola, an instant noise maker.

Cool Calendar
Help your child create his own calendar for the New Year with this fun and easy craft. Start by printing out monthly calendar pages from any Internet site onto card stock. There are ones that are specifically geared for children, as well as more generic calendars that will work just fine. Place one sheet of construction paper in front of January and one sheet behind December. Staple the calendar together and have your child decorate the cover. On the inside, on the back of every page, decorate for the following month by gluing on pictures or making drawings. For example, on the back of January's calendar, decorate for February. When you hang the calendar as wall decor, you will be able to flip the past month up and see a beautifully decorated page for the following month. If your child is not interested in making his own calendar, suggest that he make a couple as gifts for siblings, grandparents, or neighbors.

Staying interested in more than video games over the holiday break is important. Your child will enjoy the break from the daily routine and it will be a great way for the two of you to spend some quality time together. Have fun, encourage your child to let his creativity flow and enjoy your crafting results.

About the Author:
Metal-Wall-Art.com senior staff writer, Alyssa Davis, specializes in designing with outdoor metal art and decorative wall candle holder.

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