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Multiples Mania

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Welcome to StorkNet's Multiples Mania Cubby!
What's New
     º Eight Truths about Parenting Multiple Toddlers
Without doubt, the toddler years with your twins, triplets, or more will be full of laughter and amazement, not to mention CEO-level management. A little advance mental preparation goes a long way toward long-term sanity. Knowing what's coming will ensure that you are at least one step ahead of those of us who had no idea what we were in for. Enjoy this essay from author Elizabeth Lyons.
     º Keeping the "Couple" in a Relationship After Having Multiples
A new baby brings emotional and financial challenges, new routines, loss of sleep, and so much more to a relationship. Twins, triplets or more add even more complex issues to a relationship. After the kiddies are seen to, it takes effort to remember to look after a spousal relationship too. Learn more from Multiple Birth Educator Lynda P. Haddon.

Hot Topic Thread
     º Breastfeeding Twins and More ~ Multiples moms, tell us tips for successfully breastfeeding twins and more!
     º Morning Sickness with twins ~ How long did your morning sickness last and how bad was it? A newly pregnant twin moms needs your advice!

Featured Article
     º Suggested Layette and Gear List for Multiples
Preparing the nursery for the fourth trimester may differ from family to family depending on variables such as season and weather, babies' weights, laundering facilities, as well as country and clothing customs and parenting styles. Shopping for multiples can be fun but costly, so take some time to consider sales, shopping online, and sharing items with friends and family. Check out this list put together by StorkNet's Multiples Parents. [Click Here]

     º After receiving an overwhelming response to our multiples FAQ project, our first articles based on YOUR answers have been posted! Click here to check out the FAQ and be sure to check back each month as we continue to add more information. Our thanks to everyone who participated!

And Don't Forget
     º Meet our cubby moderator Sheryl, aka tripletmom. Feel free to email us with your suggestions.


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