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FAQ Section 2 ~ Preparing for Multiples

Should I attend a multiples birthing class?

The majority of our survey parents did not attend a multiples birthing class. Several of those who didn't attend either went to a regular birthing class or had attended a birthing class during previous pregnancies. Some of our parents were on bedrest and couldn't attend. Several were not aware of a multiples class in their area.

Those wo did attend a birthing class for multiples generally found it very helpful.

We attended Marvelous Multiples. We found it through our insurance company, and it was very helpful. ~Yasmin, mother of twins

Yes, I attended one and even went back as guest speaker. It was at the hospital. ~Coleen, mother of twins

We found a class via the local Mothers of Multiples club. ~Jenni, mother of twins

We found a class through the OB/GYN's office, and it was very helpful. We had a wonderful speaker with two sets of twin girls 2 1/2 years apart; she was very good!! ~Liz, mother of twins

I did go to a class at the hospital where I was to deliver them. It was helpful because when you attend regular birthing classes, they only talk about the pregnancy and labor of singletons and you feel very left out and different. It was nice to feel that there were other parents like me experiencing the joy of multiples. ~Cassandra, mother of identical twins

We did attend a class. I found out about the multiples class from another mom of twins. My doctors never mentioned it. I told them that they really need to pass along that information. The classes themselves were helpful. The best part is getting a tour of the hospital. ~Susan, mother of identical twin boys

We did attend a multiples class which was through our hospital. The class was helpful at the time, however I remembered very little of the information after the boys were delivered. ~Melanie, mother of twin boys

We went to a class that we found out about through the hospital. It was very informative. ~Tami, mother of twins

We attended a class called Marvelous Multiples; we were the only triplet parents there but it was still great! It was at our local hospital like regular birthing classes. ~Sheryl, mother of triplet girls

I attended a class at the hospital which included a tour of the hospital and NICU. There were two moms expecting triplets and another quad mom so I felt really comfortable. In fact, I've made good friends with some of these ladies and they've become my lifeline! ~Emily, mother of quadruplets

If you're interested in a multiples birthing class, check with your Mothers of Multiples Club, insurance company, doctors or hospital. Check the Marvelous Multiples website for a class in your area. You can also find multiples clubs via the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club website (they list clubs with websites).

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