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Multiples Mania

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FAQ Section 2 ~ Preparing for Multiples
What do I need for my babies?

It's not always necessary to buy two of everything for twins or three of everything for triplets, etc. It's also not necessary to have some of the larger equipment items immediately.

Click here to visit our multiples' layette and gear list
as recommended by our multiples parents

As you can see from the following lists, preference is very individual! Some of our most favorite items were some of the least liked items.

Our survey parents' top ten list of absolutely necessary items in order of popularity:

#1 DIAPERS!!! #6 car seats
#2 Bouncy Seats/chairs #7 receiving blankets
#3 swings #8 exersaucers
#4 stroller #9 wipes
#5 Boppy pillow #10 cribs

Our survey parents' top ten list of nice but not essential items:

#1 clothes #6 swings
#2 Diaper Genie #7 rattles
#3 Bouncy Seats/chairs #8 Boppy pillow
#4 matching clothes #9 cribs (starting out with 2)
#5 play yard #10 diaper wipe warmer

Our survey parents' top ten list of "waste of money" items in order of the most despised items first:

#1 Diaper Genie #6 stuffed animals
#2 diaper wipes warmer #7 Snugli
#3 playpen #8 diaper pail
#4 Bouncy Seats #9 double the toys
#5 baby pillows #10 fancy outfits

Most appreciated gifts to multiples parents:

Some of the most appreciated gifts for parents of multiples are diapers, prepared dinners, frozen meals for the freezer, gift certificates to grocery stores and offers to help!

Our Multiples' FAQ:
          Section I - Suspecting and Diagnosing Multiples
          Section II - Preparing for Multiples
          Section III - Pregnancy & Childbirth
          Section IV - NICU
          Section V - Going Home/Postpartum
          Section VI - As They Grow
          Section VII - Resources
          Section VIII - Miscellaneous/Special Tips & Inspiration

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