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 FAQ Section 2 ~ Preparing for Multiples
How do I prepare my children for the arrival of their multiples siblings?

Your children may have some real concerns about how the new babies will affect their lives. Our survey parents share their tips for how they told their children and helped them make the transition to being older siblings of multiples . . .

I bought and received a couple of good books. I showed her a baby picture of herself, and she went to a lot of my appointments. ~Maria, mother of twins

We just told our son matter-of-factly that we were pregnant with two babies and when they were in the NICU, we just kept on explaining to our son that they were his, we made his role in it all very important, we told him that they were "his" sisters and that he was very important to them. That way there wasn't a jealousy issue. ~Becky, mother of identical twin girls

Mostly, we just prepared them for a baby, period. We moved our toddler from my side of the bed to my husband's. We started having Dad do more things so the girls got used to going to him first. Our midwife gave them coloring books with a cute story about becoming a big sister. We told them about a week before the birth that there would be two babies, not just one. We asked them to keep the secret until the babies were born, and they did. ~Hunter, mother of twin boys

We read books to my oldest son about multiples, and we talked about everything that would change when they were born. We also answered all of his questions even if we had to go look them up. We did this from the time we found out (7 months). We also took him to sibling classes where he learned how to take care of a baby. That was a HUGE help. It made him feel like these babies really were his too. When they were born, he would help change diapers, make formula, feed them, and play with them. It was wonderful! My oldest does have moments when it seems to be too much for him, but that's when my husband or I will take the babies while the other goes and does something with our oldest son. We try to do this once a week regardless, but there are times it needs to be done more. ~Tracy, mother of twins

We bought our daughter, who wasn't quite two, twin baby dolls, and explained that she would be getting two babies later. ~Leslie, mother of twins

We let my son listen and talk to the babies while they were still in my tummy. We made it a game to ask them to come out. We already had names for them so my son would call them through my belly button at night and tell them what he had done that day. When he came to see his new brothers at the hospital, he received a gift from each of them (Blue's Clue's stuff). He has never had any jealousy of them. My husband and I were always sure to include him in the decision process, i.e.: "Should we let Buster and Clyde play with the rattle, or do you have another toy that you think they should play with?" or "Look Mickey, Buster was just smiling at you. He must think you are funny, too." ~wish, mother of twins

We had family night and talked openly about the changes that would occur. ~Debbie, mother of twins

We talked about how things would change and that mommy and daddy have enough love to go around to all of them. ~Jennifer, mother of twins

I told him from the beginning about the babies and included him in everything! ~ Brandi, mother of twins

They were there for the first ultrasound when we found out and occasionally for some of the others. They helped pick out clothes-furniture colors-coming home outfits, divided chores up differently so the older ones could assist a bit more after the babies arrived (we did this earlier in the pregnancy so they wouldn't feel the impact so much after the birth), we took in their suggestions for names, we gave them some money to buy the babies each a gift in the hospital or just for their own spending money, allowed them to come to the hospital during labor/delivery and into my room as soon as I got back there. My oldest (15 1/2 years stayed the two nights with me in the hospital and we had time to be one-on-one with the twins and even ordered pizza in one night! ~Michelle, mother of twin boys

When they were born, we had two gifts (one from each twin) to give to their big sister from them. She really liked that . . . but wondered how they picked them out! ~Lisa, mother of twins

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