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 FAQ Section 2 ~ Preparing for Multiples
Who should I ask for help during my pregnancy and/or after the babies arrive?

We asked our survey parents who and how they asked for help . . .

My husband took a lot of time off work. My mother and sisters-in-law took turns for a week each in helping out. ~Maria, mother of twins

I hired an assistant to take over my "work work" so I could focus on family. I had stockpiled our freezer with ready-to-go meals. Family and friends were told to expect to do dishes or laundry before being allowed to play with the babies. ~Hunter, mother of twin boys

Our whole family was great! My sister and mom helped get the nursery done and mom-in-law stayed a few nights a week for first two months just so we could get some sleep! ASK FOR HELP!!! ~Liz, mother of twins

I hired a babysitter, and some of my friends helped. ~Devorah, mother of twins

I have an excellent support network which I find if I didn't have, I don't think I would have coped as well throughout the pregnancy and now. My family and a few close friends have been wonderful. You really need friends that will come over and be prepared to help out, not just come over for a chat and coffee. I found that it is such a relief for me if they help with the feeds and some housework. Even if they let you go down for a rest for a few hours while they watch them. You will find everyone will say, "when they go down for a nap, you go down." I find that near impossible because there is so much else that has to be done. ~Cassandra, mother of identical twins

We did not get much help from anyone, by choice. I couldn't bear the thought of someone else in my house with me. I knew I would have to go for two days or more without showering sometimes. Some days I didn't want to get out of my pj's. Often I would have to go around without a shirt on (breastfeeding twins can leave you irritated in the beginning). And I really didn't feel like entertaining or being social. My parents are in their seventies, and I am not real comfortable with my mother-in-law. ~wish, mother of twins

I asked no one. I was stubborn and wanted to do it all. I made myself crazy. But people from our church and my in-laws continually offered support, time and love. Eventually I gave in and got wise (out of insanity-if that makes any sense). I even called my in-laws at three in the morning once (my husband worked third shift at the time) and my father in-law came over and helped me with the boys. ~Melanie, mother of twins

We were very lucky. My husband was able to take six weeks off to help me care for the twins after they were born. I don't know what I would have done without him. ~Marina, mother of twins

My husband and I took care of everything ourselves after the first couple of weeks. I really wanted it that way because I felt like the grandparents were hovering, trying to correct my mistakes. I relaxed more when they left and so did my husband. We worked as a team and really bonded together during those first few chaotic months. It wasn't easy but we survived and I felt SO proud that we did. The biggest problem was getting my mother-in-law to understand that we didn't feel like taking the babies out every time she had company and wanted to show them off. ~Norma, mother of twins

My mother came over sometimes in the very beginning and helped with the cleaning and cooking, but we've basically done it on our own since they were born. ~Sheryl, mother of triplet girls

Our medical insurance carrier has a high risk pregnancy department. They arranged for a home health aid to come to the house while I was on modified bedrest. The aid helped with housework, which I was restricted from doing. The triplets are now almost eleven months, and I have finally asked for help from a volunteer organization. Someone comes over for two hours, two times a week and helps me out around the house and with feedings. I did ask the church, but there were no volunteers. This summer, I had the help of a thirteen year old neighbor. She was wonderful! She was so comfortable with the triplets, she took over total care of them while she was in my home. She came for three hours a day, two to three times a week. She is still one of the only people, aside from my mother, I feel comfortable leaving the triplets with alone (that includes my husband!) ~Elizabeth, mother of triplets

Mothers of Multiples, family, neighbors - only those who offered. ~Julie, mother of quadruplets

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