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FAQ Section 2 ~ Preparing for Multiples
Should I name my babies something similar or completely different?

In the book When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads, author, Dr. Barbara Luke, states that a U.S. study found that 40% of multiples parents name their babies something similar or that rhyme. Dr. Luke goes on to say, "It may be easier for everyone to regard your children as individuals if their names are quite distinct." This may be especially true for identical twins or fraternals that look very much alike.

With our survey parents, only 26% named their babies similarly or chose names that rhymed. In either case, they had some special reasons for choosing the names they did . . .

Their names are different but both refer to gems. ~Jamie, mother of twins

My babies' names are pretty different; the only similarity is that both names are Greek. ~Joyce, mother of twins

We named them completely different, Konstance Maria and Paloma Phoenix. It was very important to us to allow the girls to have their own identity since they are identical twins. ~Becky, mother of identical twin girls

They ended up with the same first letter, but they were named totally separately. We had Alyssa's name all chosen, and we had another girl's name when we found out that one was a boy. It took us awhile to come up with a boy's name that we could agree on and when we did it started with A too. ~Jennifer, mother of boy/girl twins

Ours are named completely different. We decided to name them names we liked and would have chosen had they been singletons. ~Lutey, mother of twins

Our twins have traditional names but not similar. ~Kim, mother of twins

We named our babies completely different; we didn't want them sounding the same at all. We felt that they are already identical in looks, let them at least have different names. We wanted them to have their own identities. ~Cassandra, mother of identical twins

Our babies' names are different, but biblical. Each has a family name for a middle name. ~Tracy, mother of boy/girl twins

We chose Joshua and Caleb -- Biblical team that brought back a good report. ~Dionne, mother of twin boys

Our daughter has a Spanish name - I am Columbian. Our son has an Irish name; my husband is Irish. ~Kym, mother of boy/girl twins

We chose an A name and a Z name. ~Joy, mother of twins

Our babies' names start with the same letter but sound kind of different. ~Rachel, mother of triplet boys

We chose different names but the same number of letters and syllables. ~ Libby, mother of identical twin girls

My babies' names both start with M. ~Brandi, mother of twins

We chose names that rhyme. We thought they sounded cute. Now that my twins are 10, they seem to really like their names. ~Lydia, mother of twins

My twins' names are somewhat similar but we didn't do that because they were twins. Taylor and Travis were names we would have chosen for singleton babies. ~Carmen, mother of twin boys

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