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 FAQ Section 6 ~ As They Grow
We asked our multiples parents a variety of questions related to parenting . . .

When should we childproof and should we take extra measures?

We childproofed before they even came home; there wasn't time once they came home! ~Bobbi Jo, mother of twins

The first two months when my husband was home we went through the house and covered light sockets, put up poisons, and attached latches to cupboards they shouldn't be in. As they have grown, we have baby proofed a little more as we see what needs it, such as a higher lock on the door when they figured out how to unlock and open it and a latch on the refrigerator when they figured out how to open that. ~Tracy, mother of twins

Our house has a combined living and dining room area that we've been able to gate off and baby proof. It's the twins' playroom. ~Marina, mother of twins

I did all the major childproofing at the beginning (outlets, etc) then I just added as needed (i.e. gates, etc) ~Alisa, mother of twins

We waited until they were mobile and then put out fires as they came up. I don't believe in putting everything out of reach. I would rather teach them what is okay to play with and what is not, so that we can take them to other people's homes and have them understand what 'no' means. ~Joyce, mother of twins

We had two other children and thought we had a childproofed home. We soon discovered that two can get into twice the things that one can. YIKES! ~Stefani, mother of twins

My house has been childproofed as they grow. When they first came home, I did make sure all the outlets were covered and secured. Cabinets are locked and secured. Now they are moving, pulling and reaching for things and can crawl almost faster than I can walk. I find that I am putting things up higher. But I have also noticed they are assisting each other in reaching high objects. I caught Meaghan trying to crawl on top of Brendan to get something. I think I am going to have to empty my house into the attic until they are three. ~Elizabeth, mother of triplets

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Do you have any tips for doctors' appointments?

We always take both at the same time, whether it's for a well-baby appointment or for an illness. If one is sick, I'd rather have the doctor look at them both just in case. ~Joyce, mother of twins

Write down your questions no matter how trivial you may think they are and ask them! Also get there 15 minutes early; 95% of the time they had me in the room right on time or just a few minutes late. ~Tracy, mother of twins

Try to get first-thing-in-the-morning appointments and ask for two time slots since you have two babies. ~Jenni, mother of twins

Take someone with you!!! Make sure you have plenty of bottles and entertainment because appointments always take longer than expected. Don't forget to give Tylenol before shots and bring it with you to the appointment. Try not to plan anything else that day, because it will be about all you can handle! ~Liz, mother of twins

See the same doctor every time. Get the first appointment of the day and ask which days are the least busy. Busy toys were great as well. ~TracyE, mother of boy/girl twins

Make sure they fit around your feeding schedules so babies are reasonably happy when you arrive. ~Debbie, mother of twins

One person can do it alone unless the babies are getting shots. Then the other parent really needs to be there to comfort/hold. ~Michelle, mother of twins

Get yourself showered and ready in the morning while your husband watches the babies. Then start getting the babies ready AN HOUR before you have to leave. Leave an extra fifteen to twenty minutes earlier than you usually would in case you have to do an impromptu breastfeeding. Time really flies when you are trying to get somewhere at a certain time. Prep time for scheduled appointments was always difficult to gauge. ~wish, mother of twins

If you cannot bring help, bring front/back stroller to get through doors. Bring Tylenol when they get shots and give right away. Put easy to dress clothes on them and have extra bottles and comfort things in case you have to wait. When they get to the age of one and a half, they start to really get scared of the doctors so have extra help to hold one while the other is being examined. I just experienced this. ~Jennifer, mother of twins

Try to get the first appointment after lunch to avoid the office being crowded so you get right in. Also, take someone with you if at all possible. I take my mother every time! ~Brandi, mother of twins

It's best to schedule appointments so you leave home immediately after a feeding. ~Starr, mother of twins

Give pain reliever just before appointment with shots. ~Coleen, mother of twins

Should I have them get shots at the same time?

My babies got their shots at the same time if I had another adult with me to help. ~Leslie, mother of twins

They received the first couple of shots separately due to their size. ~Libby, mother of twins

My babies are getting their shots at the same time now, but possibly not in front of one another when they start getting their 12 months and up shots. ~Michelle, mother of twins

Mine get their shots at the same time. It's better to have four unhappy babies one or two days out of a week, than to have one unhappy baby at all times. ~Julie, mother of quadruplets

Do you have any tips for when they all get sick at the same time?

Take it one minute at a time! ~Ronna, mother of twins

Get help so they both get one-on-one loving. ~Julie, mother of twins

Talk your husband into staying home. ~Lori, mother of twins

Be prepared, have everything just in case such as medicine, etc. Be patient and try to get someone to help you out if need be, because it can be very difficult. ~Cassandra, mother of twins

It's really, really hard, but try to keep them from drinking and eating after each other. Plan on doing nothing but taking care of them, and do your best to keep a positive attitude. I've found when my attitude goes down the tubes, so does everything else around me. ~Tracy, mother of twins

Forget about your personal life. Do not make plans or hope that you won't have to cancel plans with the twins. Just remember that the first 18 months are the most selfless months you'll have. After that they can relate their ailments or needs. ~wish, mother of twins

Try to spend some extra time with them since they only get half the attention they need at this time. I have taken off work at sick times when I would not have when I only had one baby. ~Katina, mother of twins

Write down who got what medication at what time they got it. Use baby bath soap that has a vapor to help congestion. ~Jennifer, mother of twins

Get the family-sized bottle of medicine. ~Lisa, mother of twins

Hang in there!! Sometimes it actually makes it easier when they are sick at the same time because you get through it faster. ~Tami, mother of twins

Sleep whenever you can so you can be available for them when they need you. Have typical over-the-counter meds on hand so you don't have to take them out or wait. ~Michelle, mother of twins

Making a bed on the floor to tend to them both at the same time really helped as well as having extra help if possible, ~Lisa, mother of twins

Get help, keep stocked up on Tylenol and laundry detergent. ~Alisa, mother of twins

Coffee. Zoloft. Tissues. ~Elizabeth, mother of triplets

Give medications at the same time so you never forget one. If you give something like Tylenol for pain, make a chart with the times you gave each dose so you don't overdose. ~Julie, mother of quadruplets

Do you dress your multiples alike?

I dress them alike occasionally for my Grandma, because she thinks it's neat, but for the most part no. It's because 1) it's easier to tell them apart; 2) when my husband and I have them out and in separate shopping carts, people don't stop us near as much; and 3) they have such different personalities that I like to dress them to fit that. ~Tracy, mother of twins

When they were younger, we dressed them similar but now they are five and we don't. ~Diane, mother of twins

I used to dress them alike when they were babies but they are three now and have their own opinions about what colors they would like to wear. Now I usually end up dressing them in the same type outfit but different colors. ~Tami, mother of twins

We did when they were infants as so many people gave us the same/similar outfits, and I like for people to see my children in the outfits that they gave us. I prefer to dress them similar but not the same. ~Melanie, mother of twins

We usually dress them the same, mostly because people always buy us two of everything alike. When I shop, I look for similar outfits in different colors. But it's just easier to dress them alike rather than picking out two different outfits every morning. When they're older, we'll let them decide if they want to dress alike or not. ~Joyce, mother of twins

We choose not to dress them the same because we feel that they are their own persons and would like them to have their own identities. ~Cassandra, mother of identical twins

I have dressed them alike a couple of times, and I have had pictures made of them in boy/girl outfits but usually their clothing and everything else is very individual. ~Rachel, mother of twins

I dress mine alike because it's so much easier in the morning to pick out one outfit rather than coordinating three different ones. ~Teresa, mother of identical triplet boys

Did you/will you keep your multiples in the same classes in school?

Right now, my boys attend a pre-school where they are in the same class, but different groups. They seem to behave better if they aren't "on top of each other." I do hope they can stay in the same class as they grow though. ~Ronna, mother of twins

In kindergarten, they were in the same class; however I found that they began to be become competitive. So when they started first grade, they separated. They are in fifth grade now, and I'm thankful I made the decision to separate! They see each other everyday, every night in every situation -- the classroom break is much needed. ~Bobbi Jo, mother of twins

They are in the same preschool class right now and I'll make that decision on a year-by-year basis. ~Jennifer, mother of twins

It depends how they are when they are in a learning environment. Some twins work and help each other; others distract each other. ~Kim, mother of twins

I won't be putting them in the same class because I want them to be independent of each other. ~Michelle, mother of twins

Our son is shy and is severely allergic to peanuts. I think it would help him to have his sister in the same classes, so that they could stick up for each other. ~Marina, mother of twins

I will probably separate them simply because Michael is very clingy to his sister and does not like to spend time with other kids besides her. I think it will be beneficial for him to make other friends although we will not have to worry about this for another year. ~Rachel, mother of twins

What tips should I keep in mind while traveling with multiples?

Be patient, think before you bark, and always keep a sense of humor. ~Joyce, mother of twins

Make sure to bring twice as many everything! Also, bring snacks and toys that are the same to avoid backseat wars! ~Becky, mother of identical twin girls

Remember that people love to chat about twins, so expect everything to take a little longer. Come up with a snappy retort to "double trouble" comments. ~Hunter, mother of twin boys

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Be prepared. Have new toys that they haven't seen before, have lots of snacks, be prepared to make extra stops to let them out if driving. The best thing I do is pack some of their toys from home so they have that normalcy when playing. I also take blankets and luvies so they have those when it comes time to sleep. ~Jennifer, mother of twins

Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment . . . there is never enough to keep one baby happy on a long car ride let alone two or more! Plan on many stops and you just can't overpack! Whatever you think you might need, you will and what you think you won't need, you will! Always reserve a room with a hotel that is understanding of your situation. Make sure they have a portable crib in decent shape (you'd be surprised at what I saw) and that there will still be enough room when all your beds are set up! One room I couldn't even walk through once the cribs were set up! ~Liz, mother of twins

Remember - their schedule, NOT YOURS. We always tell people we are going to visit, that we cannot guarantee what time we will be arriving. We tell them not to plan anything around our arrival (like meals, or starting festivities). This way we don't feel pressured to hurry the kids or ourselves. Our stress level went down 100% (no exaggeration) once we started giving people our "no time guarantee" disclaimer. ~wish, mother of twins

You don't necessarily need double of everything; it just adds to the weight of the baggage. I would also try to always have a stroller handy. With one baby it is easy to hand the baby over to dad for a break, but there are times when you would both like a break and a stroller is WONDERFUL. I would also allow extra time. Getting two babies in and out of the car doesn't take double the time; it takes more than that. ~Katina, mother of twins

Depending upon the age and mode of travel, it's good to have extra bottles, food, diapers etc. Make frequent stops if in a car. I love our VCR in the van. They love sing along and Barney videos. ~Jennifer, mother of twins

I always traveled by car when the boys were young and drove to my parents (three hours away) while it was the boys' naptime or in the evening at bedtime. This past year, we flew to Orlando and it was a wonderful trip. ~Melanie, mother of twin boys

You will usually have to take a lot of stuff. Make sure once they are a little older to have snacks and activities for them to pass the time. We actually have a VCR in our van and it is a lifesaver on longer road trips. ~Tami, mother of twins

A double umbrella stroller is an essential for airport travel. ~Lynn, mother of twins

Pack and plays are so much better than using hotel cribs. We used to use hotel cribs, and then before one trip we decided to buy a couple of Pack and Plays on sale. We were so very glad we'd done this, as the hotel cribs were very unsafe. (One even had a plastic teething rail that was splintered and halfway off. It was scary!) ~Marina, mother of twins

Always be ready for the unexpected! ~Mary Ann, mother of twins

Always put their schedule in mind and work with it as much as possible to avoid stressed out babies and parents. ~Starr, mother of twins

Be prepared; bring medicines in case they get sick. I always keep wipes in the car to clean messy hands and faces. This last time we went away we rented a house, and it was so much better than last year when we stayed in a motel. The first thing you have to do when you get to the place you are staying is CHILDPROOF it! It is stressful to be away from home, but it is so nice to get away from the day-to-day routine. ~Sheryl, mother of triplet girls

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