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Breastfeeding Books ~ A Message Board Archive
From DianeJ ~ I'm hoping I will be able to breastfeed both twins. It sounds like breasfeeding can be difficult at times with just a singleton; I can imagine it gets worse with two! I will be alone most of the day with the babies. Should I feed them one at a time, or is it possible to get them both latched on at the same time? Any info would be appreciated!

From Taffy ~ I am having twins and have heard that it is better to breastfeed them at the same time or all you will be doing is nursing. The book that was recommended to me is Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and Caring for Twins by Karen Gromada. I also recommend checking into your local La Leche League.

From luv2bamom ~ Taffy is right. Mothering Multiples is a great book to read if you plan breastfeed. Breastfeeding didn't work out for me, and I still regret it as my kids have both had many ear infections and nasty cold type infections. It will be a lot of work but take it from me . . . don't cop out! Good Luck!

From Nimna ~ Mothering Multiples is good and also the National Organization of Mothers of Twins has a new book, From Twins to Quints that also covers breastfeeding multiples.

From huntergirl ~ Despite what all the books say, I have to argue against feeding them at the same time. I got really frustrated with it. It felt like all I was doing all day long was feeding my babies! Not that that isn't a good thing, but I couldn't do *anything* else, like take care of my three older children or even eat a meal. I breastfed my older kids in a sling, so I was used to plugging them in and getting on with my day. Being tied to the sofa with stacks of pillows was horribly depressing for me. I opted to feed my boys one after the other. When they were little, I kept them both in one sling together, and just flipped it back and forth. When they got bigger, I'd feed Jack, who would fall asleep, and then I'd put him down and feed Zachary. With the sling, I was able to breastfeed while taking the girls to the park, or fixing dinner, or meeting with clients, or working on the computer. It worked much better for us than trying to feed them both at the same time.

From daksmum ~ I breastfeed mine at the same time but didn't really have to tend to my older one much . . . my DH takes care of anything my DS needs while I'm breastfeeding. During the day they are typically hungry at the same time. At night I feed on demand for the first twin awake and then force feed the second . . . keeping them on the same schedule. One night I decided not to do this because it seemed Kian might start to sleep longer than Kolby. I fed Kolby when he woke...15 minutes after I had Kolby back down, Kian wanted to eat. I fed him and had a terrible time getting him back down because he fights sleep so badly. By the time Kian was down, Kolby was awake for his next feeding. It was my worst night yet! Needless to say I've never tried it again. When the twins were between newborn and four weeks they ate every three hours and it took them about an hour to eat by the time I had supplemented them. So every two hours the cycle started over again. I can imagine how it would have seemed I didn't do anything but feed them if I hadn't feed them at the same time. As far as holding them, that was my challenge in the beginning but it works like a charm now. They are either both in a football hold or one is laying across my stomach with the other one in a football hold with his head resting on the other's legs. For the double football hold, I use one pillow. For the other hold I don't use any. I didn't start breastfeeding them together until they were a couple days old and had the hang of latching on. The first time I fed them together we were still in the hospital (I had a c-section) and the LC helped me get situated. It was great having her help the first couple of times so if you are interested in trying, see if there is an LC at your hospital who could help you the first few times. Breastfeeding my twins was much easier then breastfeeding my singleton. I think it just depends on the baby(ies)!! I think supplementing really helped too . . . it took some of the pressure off of me in the beginning. Now I rarely supplement.

From Michelle ~ I love my "Mothering Multiples" book. Even though my little ones are now nine months old (and still breastfeeding) I still refer to the book just for support and encouragement. Personally, I found feeding my babies at the same time to be very difficult in the beginning, especially if I tried it alone with no one to help get them attached. Maybe this was more because Scott had a problem latching on for at least a few weeks. Once one of them was crawling, it was so much easier to feed simultaneously. I would put the non-crawler on and then the crawler would come to me and help adjust himself on the other side. Sometimes it gets downright humorous in how it must look. I tease my DH by saying that when they can walk, they'll just tackle me and take the milk whether or not I am ready to feed them. hahahaha Also, I have always demand fed. Sometimes they would eat every hour, sometimes every 2-3 hours. Their hunger rate differed just as each baby differs, but it increased of course with growth spurts. Yes, it seemed like I was ALWAYS nursing in the beginning, but my boys have never been sick. It is worth it. I have supplemented when needed. Scott and Luke each were offered formula after a feeding in the earlier days because of my concerns about making enough milk, but neither has ever needed more than 6-8 ounces of supplement a day. (IF they even needed that, like I said "I" was concerned about their intake.) To wrap it up: Yes, breastfeeding is certainly possible, but takes a good deal of perseverance. It is worth it. Remember, even just the shortest time breastfeeding is valuable. Take it one day at a time, but on the roughest days keep in mind that it gets so much easier!!!

From DianeJ ~ Thanks ladies for all the good information. I have about three books on twins waiting for me to read, but I will definitely purchase the books recommended on breastfeeding. Don't worry, I read fast! I'm going to join my local twins group, and the LLL. I feel more inspired and informed after hearing your comments. Thanks again!

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