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What is Breastfeeding Twins Like?
~ A Message Board Archive
From robinack33 ~ What is it like, especially in the first month? Is it hard to manage? When do you sleep? Do you get help?

From cdw ~ I did and because I fed them at the same time using a twin nursing pillow, I got some sleep.

From Mish_F ~ I am planning on nursing my twins and although I know it is going to be a tough road at first I am more then willing to give up a little bit of sleep to give this to my children. I also have gotten a double nursing pillow and spoke to many mothers of multiples that have nursed or are nursing and they say that they are life savers.

From Deb ~ I am still breastfeeding my twins. I highly recommend a good twin nursing pillow. I use mine all the time. The first months are pretty crazy; it definitely took longer for us to adjust after the twins then a singleton. I know everyone says this but you really should sleep when ever the babies sleep. You may find that a 10 minute refesher nap really helps. I think it does.

From hpy2bamom ~ I have three older children and 7 week old twins. I nursed all of my kids. I didn't want to spend money on the pillow; I had a single nursing pillow that didn't work for me (I'm short) and frankly, a couple of bed pillows are a whole lot cheaper (very frugal now with 5 children!). The babies were taking turns waking to eat which takes longer to nurse but easier when they don't have head control yet. We just really started nursing two at once but I still prefer 1 at a time . . . if time isn't a factor. My stressful time is preparing and eating food for the rest of us.

From Nimna ~ I am nursing my twins. They will be 9 months tomorrow. It was difficult at first and hard for me to get the hang of nursing them at the same time. Tyler had a hard time latching on properly at first and because I am well endowed I had to hold my boob so as not to suffocate them. For about the first 4-5 months I nursed them separately. Once they were sitting up and had better head control, it has been much easier to nurse them together. You picked a bad day to ask me about sleep. Last night was a bad one. Most nights are not too bad. I am up 1-2 times. I didn't get a lot of help after the babies were born. By two weeks I was on my own. I think it helped me to get confidence in my own abilities to take care of them by myself. Otherwise I would have depended on the help of others. The first month is hell but you get through it. And it was not as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

From Katarina ~ Seems like everyone has a different answer for this one! I found the first two weeks INSANELY hard. We never got any sleep, and the boys would just marathon for hours on end. I would frequently end up in tears. We finally got latching right, and things got slightly better, but the amount of time I was spending on it was still insane. Many nights I'd only get an hour or two of sleep, and then try and catnap the rest of the day. It was really hard. I couldn't get feeding them at the same time off the bat because their feeding patterns were so different. Both of them needed so much help latching. (A two handed job). After the sixth week though, it suddenly became a whole lot easier. They started sleeping more and I was becoming more skilled. I actually started to enjoy it! Now the boys are four and a half months, and we're still exclusively on the boob. It's gotten SO easy, and now I do feed them at the same time a lot. It helps that they're bigger and participate more in the feeding... I just show them the boob and they know what to do with it. So many of the problems you encounter at first are only there because the babies are small and delicate and all three of you are just learning. It gets to be wonderful though. I would say, though, DEFINITELY seek out a breast pump. It SAVED me the first two months. I would be so exhausted that I'd pump a bottle during the day while hubby was at work, and when he got home I gave him the bottle and went to bed for a few heavenly hours while he got to Daddy his babies. Definitely a life saver for me.

From huntergirl ~ I absolutely *HATED* the nursing pillow. I prefer a sling because it lets me move around and get things done. I have three older girls, and I work from home, so there are lots of things to be done. I fed my boys one after the other during the day, which worked great. They were small enough to fit in one sling for quite a while, so I just fed one on one breast until he was done, then flipped the sling around to feed the other on the other breast. But we had trouble at night. At first neither wanted to wait, so I ended up sitting up nursing them both propped on pillows. Very tiring. It took about six weeks for them to get settled down so I can feed them one after the other at night now. We co-sleep, and I'm honestly on remote-control now. I barely rouse up to switch them around. I can't wait until they can crawl and switch places on their own!

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