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How Can I Help My Friend Who Just Delivered Triplets?
~ A Message Board Archive
From spe ~ My good friend gave birth to triplets yesterday at 29 weeks, two boys and a girl. They'll be in the hospital for quite a while, and she'll be too with a c-section and all, but what can I do for her? What did you find was the most helpful in the same situation?

From huntergirl ~ Just Be There. Offer to help out when she comes home, do laundry and dishes, stock up her freezer, run errands. She'll get tired easily, and she can't drive or lift anything heavier than a baby for a few weeks. Offer to help out when the babies come home, cuddle and feed them, change diapers, keep an eye on them while Mom naps, and still do some laundry and dishes! Good luck to your friend and her sweeties!!

From SusieB ~ Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Ditto everything Hunter said, your friend will need lots of help for a long time.

From cdw ~ Just keep in mind that the first month visits are not to see the babies but to help the mom so she can get some rest. Do not bring other people with you and always call first. If you cook, and she has a freezer make some meals so they do not have to cook. You are so sweet for finding out. Tell your friend congrats.

From spe ~ Thanks for the advice, ladies . . . I went to the grocery store today to start cooking! I appreciate the input!

From Libby ~ Definitely the food helps! I wish more people had helped out with this. Also watching them while mom naps or takes a shower is great. Your friend is lucky you want to help!

From Terri7 ~ Ditto - Food and watching the kids so Mom can get some sleep. Tell her you really want her to go and nap. Even when people came to help I had a hard time going and taking a nap because I felt guilty but I sooo wanted to sleep. She is very lucky to have you.

From Ronna ~ Laundry, food shopping, and general light housework (like wiping up counters, vacuuming) would also be a big help. If she is going to be formula feeding them, it would be a big help if you could make up one or two days worth of bottles for her each time you visit. I know that every time the twins went to sleep, I then had to wash bottles and make a batch of formula. it would be helpful to have that taken care of.

From Greg ~ She's going to need someone to shuttle her back and forth from the hospital until she's healed. She's also going to need what it sounds like she's already got, a friend.

From Sheryl ~ Congratulations to your friend! What a thoughtful friend you are too, that is just what she needs right now. Having babies in the NICU is very hard emotionally; be there for her in whatever way she needs you. Aside from that, I think everyone already covered everything. She will need rides to the hospital until she can drive again, which could be a few weeks. The cooking will be a lifesaver for her, even if you can make things that can be frozen so she can eat it when they have time. Also the babies will probably be coming home at different times so the biggest help is to stay home with the baby who is home so she can go to the hospital to be with the other(s).

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