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Need Potty Training Tips
~ A Message Board Archive
From JenniferM ~ For any of you with boy/girl twins or twins who trained at different times or heck, those who managed to get your multiples to potty train at all, I'd love some tips. Alyssa seems very ready. We've tried to start a few times, but she's never actually done ANYTHING in her potty despite hours and hours of sitting on it. They started Spring Break from preschool today and they are home for 10 days so I thought now was a good time. This morning I put her in regular panties, no pull ups, to see how she would react when she got wet. Well, when she wet herself, she FREAKED out. She started screaming "MOMMY CLEAN IT UP" over and over and was really freaked for about 20 minutes afterwards. I told her that the next time she felt that she needed to go to the potty and make pee pee. After lunch I asked if she needed to go and she said yes. I was in the bathroom with her and had to leave to get Aaron out of trouble and while I was out, she started screaming again. I rushed back in and she said she felt like she had to pee pee and she stood up and had pee'd on the floor. Another clean up and reassurance that it was okay. Still nothing in the potty, but I think she's getting the idea.

NOW, as for Aaron. UGH! Not really interested in the least. Had him in underpants and Alyssa is the only one who freaked out when he pee'd. I asked him if he went potty and he said "NOPE." I showed it to him, still denied it was his. Gave up, put him back in the diaper and he was perfectly content. I think right now I'm just going to keep working with Alyssa and try again in a couple months with Aaron. I know that boys and girls tend to train at different times and it might be easier for me to do it at different times, but I just don't know if he's ever going to get ready. He's been late with everything like this. He wouldn't hold his bottle at all, he cried rather than pick his food up off his tray of his high chair when he was learning to feed himself, and now he would just rather stay in a diaper.

From mamaof3young'uns ~ I'm not potty training my multiples yet . . . I'm working on my 3 year old singleton to no avail. I don't even want to think about what it's going to be like with the twins . . . ugh!!!! I've put my 3 year old in regular underwear and was doing just fine as long as I reminded him to go to the bathroom every 1 1/2 -2 hours. If I forgot to tell him to go, he would wet himself and not even care Yesterday was the last straw . . . he peed on the kitchen floor and wanted to go skating in it!!! We're taking yet another break from potty training now and Andrew is in pull-ups yet again. I've been told that girls are easier to potty train??? I sure hope so.

From Ronna ~ We bought potties when the boys were two and there they sit in the bathroom basically unused. We talk about it a lot and give them the option of sitting on it/using it, but they are clearly not entirely ready. I let them pick out their own underwear, but we haven't tried to use it yet. I am in the process of having "special" toys and books in the bathroom that they can look at ONLY when they sit on the potty (they don't actually have to go). This has worked to just get them actually in the bathroom and sitting. I am basically following their lead. Pretty soon, when it gets a bit warmer out, we will go through "potty boot camp" where we will put on underwear/run around naked and I will remind them to go probably once an hour or so. I'll give it a week or so and if it isn't getting us anywhere, we will go back to diapers. I am basically following their lead and not pushing it. I had hopes of not having three in diapers at once (baby due in June), but somehow I don't think that will happen.

From LynnC ~ I'm afraid I can't be much help either, but I can tell you that you are not alone. My boy/girl twins have no interest in going potty, although my boy will go if you put him on it. I just keep telling them that they can tell me when they need to go and then Mommy won't have to change them any more - so far nothing is working. I guess I just have to resign myself to having three in diapers for a while!

From huntergirl ~ I really wouldn't worry about Aaron not being interested yet. Potty training is such an individual thing, and you really need to let it happen when each child is ready. With Emma, we kept her in diapers until she was able to tell us she had gone, then we set an alarm to go off every hour to remind her to go try to potty. Alison was potty trained for about a month before the twins were born, and then *BAM* she relapsed. I really hoped she would be back in panties in time for our vacation (just after she turned three) but no such luck! I had four kids in diapers for about four months. Ingrid, on the other hand, was fascinated by the potty chair. Anytime we couldn't find her, she was probably sitting on the potty. She often wanted to bring it out to the living room to sit on while watching TV or eating dinner! She pretty much potty trained herself by her second birthday, and she's already showing Jack and Zachary what it's all about! They seem thoroughly uninterested, so maybe it is a girl thing?

From Sheryl ~ We are currently in potty training mode at our house; we have been for awhile now. I am taking it very slowly and following their lead. Brooke still doesn't seem as interested in it as the other two but yesterday she did a little poop on the potty; I couldn't believe it. I basically just let them run around with no bottoms on or their underwear - whatever they want. We have the regular potty and then I bought the potty seat insert for the regular toilet, and lately they would rather go on that. They are doing really good as far as accidents go, although yesterday Jenna did a poop in her underwear. I would give Aaron some time, mabye by seeing his sister it will give him some motivation to do it. I know my girls LOVE to look at each others pee in the potty after they go and say "good job" to each other. It is really cute!! Hang in there!

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