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Starter Kit ~ Preparing for Twins
~ A Message Board Archive
From cartertwins ~ I'm 29 weeks and on bedrest and surviving pretty well actually. I've started to get concerned that I don't have the things here I will need if the girls come early though. I hate to think of my husband out at midnight trying to find a bottle and formula or something. Any advice from those of you who have been there - what are the basics I ought to have on hand for the first couple of weeks? We have the big stuff - cribs, car seats, clothes. It's the little stuff I'm wondering about - how many diapers, do I need bottles and formula even if I'm planning to breastfeed, baby soap and shampoo, etc? Any advice?

From R'sgal ~ The best thing I got was bouncy chairs for the girls. When they came home from NICU, they slept the first few nights in them right by my side. Now that they are older, they play in them. When they both want to eat at the same time, I sit on the floor with each of them sitting in their chair by my side. The first picture on their web page is them in their chairs.

From twicethefun ~ For the first couple weeks, you will have diaper changes often so have a bit of a stock of diapers (don't get too many newborn though--they outgrow them fast). Some bottles will be great so you can pump a bit of milk and store it so DH can do a few feeds while you take a nap (if you don't have a pump get at least a manual one). Vaseline is a must for their bottoms to have as newborns. You might want to buy a bit of formula just in case your milk doesn't come in fast enough. You will need baby soap and shampoo but you don't want to bath them every day or their skin will get too dry. Bouncy seats are great to have as well.

From Greg ~ We couldn't live without our stock of plain cloth diapers. I suppose we could diaper with them in a pinch but we use them as burp cloths. The battery driven mobile that plays tunes is a huge help. It often keeps one quiet while we feed the other and it helps them get back to sleep.

From Ronna ~ Ah, the burp cloths are essential, as Greg mentioned. I know we were changing our boys each about 8 to 10 times a day for the first few weeks. I would suggest mostly size 1 diapers, although my kids weren't preemies. Bouncy chairs were a must so you could tend to one and put the other one down. We used a lot of A & D ointment (similar to vaseline, but with amazing healing capabilities). I might also suggest having some Mylicon drops on hand (for gas, although I don't remember at what age you can use that). I would also have at least one bottle on hand for each child "just in case" you need to supplement.

From cammie30 ~ All the suggestions above and make sure you have plenty of sheets clean for your bed. I was too tired and changed them in bed. My bed was christened quite a few times by both of them! Also, plenty of nightgowns and socks.

From Ronna ~ I forgot to add those absorbent square thick pads decorated in adorable patterns (I forget what they are called, it's been so long!). They come in a variety of sizes. I used to lay them under the babies and then if they wet through their nightgowns onto the absorbent cloth, it could just be pulled away in the middle of the night rather than changing sheets. It also worked because my kids had reflux and used to throw up a lot. If it got soiled you just lay down a new one.

From mma800 ~ Don't forget to get some maxipads. Even if you have a c-section, you will have some bleeding. As you are on bedrest you could order all your drug store stuff on line. Find a site that has free shipping! Oh--and some Lanolin cream for your nipples if you plan to breastfeed.

From huntergirl ~ If you are planning to breastfeed, do not get formula "just in case" because then you'll be tempted to use it. If you have even an inkling of a problem, call your doctor's LC or your local LLL even if it's the middle of the night. That's what they're there for! I've seen too many women resort to using formula because they thought it was easier than trying to succeed at breastfeeding. If you really think breastfeeding is best, then don't set yourself up to fail. Also, get a few different pacifiers. Some babies just *need* to suck on something, and if they haven't found their thumbs, then you'll need a pacifier. And babies have definite preferences, so not just any pacifier will do, and twins might not like the same one! If you end up not using them, tuck them into a gift for someone else. Good luck and have fun!

From Sheryl ~ I loved those sleeper gowns; my girls lived in them for the first few months. It is so easy to change them especially at all hours of the night, and you don't want to be fiddling with snaps. I wouldn't go nuts getting a ton of bottles because you never know what kind of bottle they will prefer. I had gotten all playtex and my girls didn't like them at all. So if you are planning on using a bottle at all, get a few of each brand just to see how they do with it first.

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