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Anyone belong to a Mother of Twins Club?
~ A Message Board Archive
From Taffy ~ Does anyone belong to a mother of Twins Club? How is it?

From huntergirl ~ I can't stand our local twins club! First, it meets in a hospital, which I hate. I wouldn't even give birth in a hospital so why would I want to socialize there? Second, I'm a little (maybe a LOT) left-wing in my parenting philosophies, and the other moms had very traditional parenting philosophies that just really upset me. The first time I went, I was the only one breastfeeding and was actually asked to leave the room because others were uncomfortable!! And all the babies were just sitting in strollers and carseats the whole time. No one but me and the hostess let theirs down to play. After a similar thread here a while back, I decided to try again. The subject for discussion that night was "Sleeping Through the Night" which I just don't believe is a realistic expectation for small babies. They were all advocating CIO and discussing what form of "sleep training" had worked for them. When I proposed that just because a baby has learned to be quiet in his room doesn't mean he isn't scared to death in there, everyone accused me of accusing them of abusing their babies. Not at all; I just want them to consider CIO from the baby's point of view. Again, not a fun night. However, after that meeting, one of the other moms followed me out and said she agreed with me, but was too scared to speak up. We've gotten together a few times for lunch and playing in the park. Her kids are my daughter's age and she's expecting another baby soon. So I found a Twin Friend, but I think I'm going to stay away from that club from now on.

From KYGreek ~ I sent a check to our local twins club several weeks ago and though the check was cashed, I have yet to hear back from them. I guess this doesn't bode well for our relationship.

From daksmum ~ Several months ago I logged onto their national site and sent our local chapter president an email requesting info . . . you know, meeting times, location, etc. Never heard a peep. My twins are now 4 weeks, and I was at the mall the other day with them. A girl stopped me to tell me about the twins club and asked me to attend with her next week. She even gave me her number and everything. She was so nice and going on and on about how great the club is. I didn't have the heart to tell her about the terrible response from the person I feel should be representing them to the best of her ability! I'll try it anything once so my first meeting will be a week from Thursday.

From Yasemin ~ I did receive some info from them but a lot of their activities is for moms only and I can't attend those!!! First of all, it is a nice thought to have mothers of twins activities but when I do get a chance to get out by myself, I'd rather be around my friends. I was looking more for a playgroup/idea exchange and bonding group but that definitely should include my babies. The first flyer I got from them actually said "Leave your kids at home and join us for..." I couldn't believe it!!! So far, I have not been very successful in finding other multiples moms with whom I want to spend the little time that I have. Sorry, no help here !!

From Ronna ~ I guess I'm the odd one out here. I LOVE my Mother of Twins Club. I think that each different club runs differently. My club meets in the evening 9 times per year. Children are welcome, but most do not bring kids to the evening meetings unless they are newborns/breastfeeding (which by the way is welcomed). We have playgroups that also meet based on the ages of children. Those are set up by individual members. For example, in the newsletter, someone will say "looking to form play group for 2 to 3 year olds on Wednesday mornings" and then include their phone number. Then a small playgroup will be formed. We also do larger group outings with our whole families, for example to the Zoo and over the summer we went to an amusement park geared to the under 10 set. We also have an annual family Holiday party (which has a charitable theme to it. Every child brings a new toy/gift to donate to an organization that donates it to underprivileged children) as well as an annual Family Picnic. I have met three of my closest friends now through the twins club and feel a very special bond with them. I would say give it a try and see if it meshes with your parenting style and your needs as a multiple mom. For me, I was looking to meet more women in the area in which I live who have small children (because I don't know many people around where I live). It has offered me a wonderful opportunity.

From cdw ~ The closest one to me is 35 minutes away so it just won't be worthwhile for me. You ladies here and the ladies give me plenty of support and advice, and my kids have cousins to play with. I think their sales are good though.

From Sheryl ~ I am a member of my local triplet club. It's not formal at all. We don't have meetings or anything. We have a mom's night out once a month. We have spring and fall clothing and toy sales, which I love. We went on a hayride in October to a local farm and pumpkin patch; the girls had a blast!! We also have playgroups with some of the moms. We are having a Christmas cookie swap in a few weeks. We also get a small monthly newsletter each month. I really LOVE my group!!

From Greg ~ We joined and did receive useful information and prompt responses. We'll see about the meetings; what we were really after was the sales. Our little seven home development has its own twins club, IAC. Three sets.

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