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Multiples Mania

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A Baby Shower for Multiples - Twice the Fun
(FeatureSource) - Births of twins and triplets are growing, and you can plan a baby shower for the parents who are expecting two or three times the joy! Courtney Cooke, author of The Best Baby Shower Book (Meadowbrook Press) has the following ideas for showers for multiples:
  • Be sure the invitation features the anticipated number of babies.

  • Have the same number of centerpieces as there are expected babies.

  • Many parents of multiples struggle to provide the basics for extra children. Pool funds to buy an expensive item, such as an extra car seat, highchair, or crib.

  • Ask the parents how they feel about dressing the children alike before buying clothes. Some parents wouldn't dream of it, others can't wait. Remember, every piece of baby clothing will be needed in multiples.

  • Parents may also appreciate a frivolous gift (something that's not diapers and bottles) to spoil their little ones, since a lot of money will go into buying the basics.

  • A subscription to a magazine about parenting multiples can be especially useful before the babies are born.and a real lifesaver afterwards.

  • Give a keepsake book for each of the babies to track accomplishments and help caregivers stay organized.

  • Overworked parents of multiples will greatly appreciate offers of help after the babies are born. Give coupons good for helping with meals, babysitting, or driving.

Courtesy of FeatureSource. For more information, call 1-800-338-2232 ext. 110

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